Top 3 Reasons to Bring a Mechanic When Buying a Used Car

We know a mechanic who once inspected a used car for his friend. The vehicle, which performed superbly well when they tested it on the road, looked pristine and brand new. However, on closer inspection, it really wasn’t what it appeared to be: there were signs of imprints — or dents on the metal as a result of a collision — that were hammered back to its original shape near the left passenger door.

When asked about it, it seemed the previous owner “forgot” to document this crash (and its succeeding repairs) in his vehicle history.

Unbeknownst to everyone, the mechanic’s friend actually “fell in love” with the car at first glance, and would have bought the “overpriced” car instantly if it weren’t for the mechanic’s diagnosis.

Fraudulent car owner selling used car

We're telling you this because we want to drive home a point: It's so important to take a mechanic with you when you’re purchasing a used vehicle. And if you’re still not convinced, we’re giving you three more reasons why it’s one of the smartest moves you can make before you decide to take "the plunge":

1. It can help you avoid spending more for your car

Man shocked over his car bill

Sometimes, some car dealers and salespeople increase the price of a car, especially if it looks, smells, and feels brand new. Having a mechanic double check every part of the vehicle allows him to assess how long they’ve been, and provide an estimate of their real worth and value.

So even if the car does look brand new from the outside, your mechanic can say that the engine parts aren’t original, or the fuel pump has been repaired numerous times already. This should lower the price down and allow you to save more in the process.

2. It can give you an idea of the potential problems that can happen in the future

Mechanic checking a car

A good mechanic can give you an honest and fair-minded view of a car’s condition, and use that to highlight the possible issues that might happen in the future.

For instance, he might say that the coil spring in the lower suspension is quite old already, so you might have to replace both sides of the same axle when you buy it. What's more, you might eventually need to align the front end suspension after you replace them.

So will you still buy it or not? And if you do, are you willing to pay more for these expected repairs after you purchase it?

Whatever the case, having this knowledge allows you to have a broader view of the problem, and from there, gives you a much better leverage to make intelligent and unbiased decisions on what to do next.

3. It gives you more control over your purchase

Man showing a buyer a list of what they're inspecting in a used car

Knowing the car’s condition inside-out helps you to be more in control of the entire buying process. You are not led solely by your emotions and quirks; nor are you being led by the full moon, your car salesman, your monthly horoscope, your wife — or even your dog. Knowing the real score allows you to remain more objective instead of being influenced by others. That way, you won't have any regrets in the end.

Remember: you're always taking a risk when you buy a used car, since it has been driven by someone else in the past. And unless a used vehicle comes with a valid warranty, it's always smart to have a mechanic do a complete and thorough inspection first before you buy it. Doing this minimizes the risks you'll take, and in many ways, allows the odds to work better for you in the end.


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