Top 5 Electrical Problems in Cars

Top 5 Electrical Problems in Cars

Your car's electrical system is vital to its optimal operation. Without it, your car won't start, and you won't feel comfortable in your car, since all the creature comforts (air conditioner, infotainment, charging systems, etc.) rely on it. Not to mention, your safety systems need it, too. Needless to say, if there's a problem with your electrical system and you choose to ignore it, you put your car, your personal comfort, and even your safety at risk. Below are five of the most common auto electric issues. If you experience any of these, call or visit your mechanic right away.

1. Fuses blowing regularly

Sure, it's easy to replace a blown fuse, but it's much harder to identify why it keeps blowing in the first place. Most likely, one of the components in the system is sending excess current through those fuses. Have your system checked by a technician or electrician to locate the culprit and deal with it accordingly.

2. Dead battery

When you turn the key and the car won't start, a dead battery is likely the cause. This can usually be solved by charging or jump starting the battery. However, if the battery will no longer charge, you'll need to buy a replacement for it. Traditionally, car batteries have a lifespan of three to five years depending on usage.

3. Faulty alternator

The alternator is like the heart of your car's electrical system—it's in charge of sending electricity to where it's needed. If your alternator starts to fail, you'll notice a lack of power in your electrical components, such as dim or flickering headlights, inoperable power windows, and other electrical issues. If the alternator breaks down completely, your battery won't charge and you may no longer be able start your car. Make sure to take your car to a mechanic before this happens.

4. Damaged relay

Your car's relays are responsible for turning electrical components on or off. When a relay gets damaged, it often gets stuck in one position. If it stays in the 'on' position, it can drain the battery, and possibly even damage the electrical component it's connected to.

5. Shorted wires

A lot of things can cause your electrical wires to short--rodent damage, brittle old wires, moisture, and shoddy installation are just some of the reasons that come to mind. Shorted wires can blow a fuse, or worse, cause a burning rubber or plastic smell. As you can imagine, shorted wires are very dangerous, so the moment you smell something burning on your car, take it directly to a service shop to be checked.

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