Top 6 Most Common Car Problems and Issues of Drivers

All vehicles depreciate over time. And we're not just talking about its value. Sooner or later, wear-and-tear will create havoc to your vehicle, causing those "aches and pains" that become problems in the long run.

Ever wondered what are the most common car problems most drivers encounter today? Here they are in no proper order:

1. Overheating

Who hasn't experienced getting their engine overheated at one time or another? Granted, most modern cars are far capable of regulating their system so their engine won't get overheated, but with the summer heat sizzling like crazy in the Philippines, it's easy for your car to get baked under the sun.

Make sure your radiator coolant is working properly--and have an extra jug of water stashed somewhere in your vehicle at all times.

2. "Squeaky" brakes

Squealing brakes can be annoying. Not only that, but sounding like a shrieking pig is a sign that something is wrong with them. Have them inspected once the noise sounds like a banshee shrieking--or your mother-in-law screaming.

Have your brakes immediately checked by a professional car mechanic--you don't want to risk driving your car with faulty brakes.

3. Car not starting -- dead batteries

Ah, the wrath of dead batteries. Keep in mind, however, that there are many reasons why they occur: leaving your lights on while the car's stationary, a malfunctioning alternator, or even battery sensors or charging components.

Invest in car battery chargers and jump starters, especially if you frequently do long drives.  Better yet, have them inspected by by a mechanic regularly.

4. Shaky steering wheel

Shaky steering wheels might not look that dangerous, but they're good indicators of a deeper problem that needs your attention. These issues might include tire imbalances, malfunctioning suspension, or even damaged wheel bearings. Don't wait for the vibration to turn into a full intensity 8; have them checked by a professional mechanic as soon as you can.

5. Rough shifting

This often happens due to "slipping automatic transmission." And we're not surprised. This system has many components and parts that are prone to clogging and leaking, which can lead to rough or uneven shifting.

Rough shifting can be a complicated thing, since it involves so many parts. Therefore, it's better to have its components inspected by a mechanic regularly.

6. Leaks

It's common to get water leaks every now and then; however, if you see oil, coolant, and other synthetic fluids staining your floor, then that's not something you should consider as "normal".

Always make sure your car gets its regular tune-up (and maintenance) to prevent these leaks from happening. And check if you have enough fluids in your vehicle before you do long (or even short) drives.

Final Word

They say that an ounce of prevention is more than a pound of cure. That's true with people--and even vehicles. It's true that car problems are inevitable, especially if  you use your car often. However, you can prevent these issues from cropping up prematurely if you keep your vehicle well-maintained and clean at all times.  This beats getting a mountain load of bills to solve a problem that should have been avoided in the first place.


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