Toyota reduces Feb. production due to parts shortage

Toyota GR Yaris

Toyota's production capabilities are being battered badly again by the global shortage on semiconductors, as the Japanese carmaker announced that it will adjust its production for February by around 150,000 units worldwide.


  • How much of an adjustment will Toyota be doing next month?

    It will adjust production for February by around 150,000 units worldwide.
  • What caused the adjustment?

    The production adjustment is attributed to the global chip shortage.
  • How many production facilities were temporarily suspended because of this?

    Eight facilities that have a total of 11 production lines will be suspending operations, all of which are found in Japan.
  • In a statement, the automotive giant said that originally, its production plan for next month is expected to create 700,000 units since the current is strong. However, the current situation on the lack of chips made the company reconsider its output.

    This led to the suspension of operations next month that will affect eight facilities that have a total of 11 production lines — hampering the production in Toyota's home country.

    GR Yaris

    Below are the facilities and the scheduled operation deferment:


    Period of production suspension

    Production vehicles

    Toyota Motor Corporation
    Motomachi Plant

    GR line

    February 1-4, 7-11, 14-16

    GR Yaris

    Toyota Motor Corporation
    Takaoka Plant

    Production line #1

    February 12 and 19

    Corolla, Corolla Touring, Corolla Cross

    Production line #2

    Rav4, Harrier

    Toyota Motor Corporation
    Tsutsumi Plant

    Production line #1

    Prius, Prius PHV, Corolla

    Production line #2

    Corolla Sport, Camry, ES

    Toyota Motor Corporation
    Tahara Plant

    Production line #3

    February 4, 11-12 and 19

    LS, IS, RC, RC F, NX

    Toyota Motor Kyushu
    Miyata Plant

    Production line #1

    February 2-4, 9-12 and 17-19

    NX, NX PHV, CT, UX, UX300e

    Toyota Motor East Japan
    Iwate Plant

    Production line #1

    February 1-4, 7-12, and 14

    C-HR, Aqua

    Production line #2

    Yaris, Yaris Cross, Aqua

    Toyota Motor East Japan
    Miyagi Ohira Plant

    February 1-4 and 12

    Yaris Cross, Sienta, Corolla Axio, Corolla Fielder, JPN Taxi

    Toyota Auto Body
    Fujimatsu Plant

    Production line #2

    February 1-4, 7-12, and 14-16

    Noah, Voxy


    Due to the adjustment, the 12-month production forecast for the fiscal year ending by yearend of March 2022 is expected to be lower than 9 million units that was earlier projected.

    “With regards to the shortage of semiconductor-related parts, we will continue to examine the situation and consult with all companies involved in considering the use of substitutes where possible in anticipation of a continuing shortage,” Toyota said in a statement.

    Toyotra Rav4 hybrid

    “We will also continue to work with our suppliers in strengthening the supply chain and make every effort to deliver vehicles to our customers as soon as possible,” it added.

    Further, the company apologizes to the customers and suppliers for the various inconveniences that the adjustments may have caused.

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