Toyota teases new GR-badged model


Building the anticipation for Toyota’s latest GR-badged model, the Japanese automotive brand dropped two teaser photos that bare subtle details of what fans could expect from the next souped-up nameplate.


  • When is the official reveal date of the new GR sports car?

    According to Toyota, it will be on March 31.
  • What could be the new GR sports car?

    Many fans speculate that it will be the 2023 GR Corolla.
  • One picture shows what appears to be fender vents with the GR emblem while the other reveals a debossed “GR-FOUR” on what we can imagine would be on the vehicle’s side skirts.


    Of course, we would have to wait for the official reveal to see whether the air vents are actually functional or faux. But since we’re hoping for the best, we’re crossing our fingers that it’s going to be the former.

    The bold “GR-FOUR” writing could imply that this new GR car will come with Toyota’s all-wheel-drive system, which we think is sick.

    Despite not being named, finding out what model got the GR treatment isn’t exactly difficult. And word on the web says that it’s the 2023 GR Corolla.

    Should this be true, the upcoming GR sports car will most likely compete with similar performance-oriented sedans like the Honda Civic Type-R.

    Photos from Toyota

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