Volkswagen Santana: Reliable, sensible, reputable


The Volkswagen Santana is one of VW’s entries in the local compact sedan segment competing with the likes of other industry staples like the Toyota Vios, Honda Civic, and the Nissan Almera.

However, the VW Santana offers something that the aforementioned cars don’t. That’s what we’re going to find out as William Russell Scheirman Jr., President and CEO of Scheirman Construction Consolidated Incorporated (SCCI), tells us his story.

When Scheirman was considering the car brand he would buy for his employees at SCCI, it didn’t take long for him to decide that he would go with a brand that’s close to his heart. Scheirman himself owned and drove a Volkswagen Golf back in his native Germany.

He chose a fleet of Santanas for his engineers at SCCI which he describes as a “very smart-looking car that would get them to and from project sites safely, efficiently, and reliably on a daily basis.”


The SCCI boss believes that the choice of a company vehicle is crucial in moving the company forward. Thus, he puts his trust and confidence in a brand that has proven its ability to make reliable cars through the years.

His decision to acquire the VW Santanas for his company is backed by his own experience and knowledge that Volkswagen are world-class vehicles. That said, the precision-engineering qualities and characteristics of Volkswagen in Germany are also echoed in all other Volkswagen manufacturing and distribution hubs anywhere in the world — the Philippines included.

“It’s very impressive that the Santana in the Philippines would not only offer German-quality design, engineering, and craftsmanship but also offer such an accessible price point. As a businessman who owns his own company and is familiar with the entire Asian market, such qualities of the Santana make it easy for me to decide to go for it,” said Scheirman as he explained why he thinks that the Santana is the best bang-for-the-buck compact sedan.

“I would definitely recommend the Volkswagen Santana for those who are considering buying a car that would perfectly meet their needs for that classic design look, undeniable Volkswagen heritage, efficient and easy operation, affordable ownership and maintenance costs, and dependable everyday city driving,” Scheirman concluded.

To him, the VW Santana marries two important aspects one should always look out for when buying a car: reliability and sensibility.

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