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Waku Doki is Back with Vios Racing Festival

Toyota Motor Philippines (TMP) is making sure that Waku Doki–a Japanese term that describes that surge of emotion and joyful anticipation that one feels especially in thrilling and intense moments–will continue to provide more excitement after its leadership announced the launch of the Vios Racing Festival 2019.

To jumpstart the second quarter this year, the Vios Racing Festival will comprise of two major elements: the Vios Circuit Championship, and the Vios Autocross Challenge.

Vios Circuit Championship

Participants from various parts of the country together with celebrity racers are set to hit Clark Speedway on board the all-new Toyota Vios. They will be competing–based on their classifications–for promotional, sporting and celebrity class.

The Vios Circuit Championship will have three legs with three races per leg, happening in June, September, and November.

Vios Autocross Challenge

Meanwhile, the new race, the Vios Autocross Challenge,  is a timed competition where racers will have to finish a specifically-designed obstacle course and compete against celebrities, members of the media, and car club racers.

To be held in Metro Manila, the goal of this event is to  make the races more accessible to the public, whether as participants or spectators.

Mini autocross challenges will also be held at the end of each leg of the Vios Circuit Championship.

TMP President Satoru Suzuki said that the Waku Doki spirit lives on with the latest motorsports program that they have made.

“Through the Vios Racing Festival 2019, Toyota makes the waku doki experience more personal by intensifying the overall experience,” Suzuki said.

Aside from that, pocket events like Toyota test drives will be put up outside the tracks.

Through these activities, TMP wishes to not only promote the sport, but also to instill among Filipinos the importance of improving their driving skills and prioritizing safety.

“To boost and encourage the Filipino interest in motorsports, we will also bring back the greatly-missed Toyota Racing School,” the chief of TMP said.

Through its official motorsports partner Tuason Racing School, TMP will be helping participants enjoy optimal racing experience.

To take part in Vios Racing Festival 2019, watch out for more announcements on TMP’s official Facebook account, or on TMP’s official website at

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