Which 2020 Kia Forte color is best for you?

kia forte

Though sedans have been pushed to the wayside by crossover SUVs, they are far from obsolete. Plus, nothing conveys you’ve got it made better than an exquisitely designed four-door type vehicle. So if you want to stick it to your naysaying high school batch mates, drive to your reunion in the Kia Forte and listen to the oohs and ahhs as you pass by.

Kia certainly intended the Forte to be a stylish saloon that can match wits with the likes of the Honda Civic, Toyota Corolla Altis, Mazda3, et al. Proof of its high-class intentions is its conservative choices for body color, giving shoppers of the Kia Forte sedan five exterior paint choices to choose from. To see which hue suits you best, check out the descriptions below.

Clear White

kia forte Clear White

According to studies, those who choose white for their car are sticklers for road rules. Perhaps you’re somewhat surprised, considering that many taxi drivers we have in the Philippines are regular violators of traffic laws. But the white color of taxis here is not voluntary—it’s actually mandated by the Philippine government that all taxicabs should be white, so that explains that.

The color white is also associated with elegance and purity. This means that white color owners favor being direct in communication, and tend to be easily irritated by those who can’t get to the point quickly. Many gadgets today come in white, so as of late, white has also been linked with being trendy and fashionable.

Gravity Blue

kia forte Gravity blue

Dark blue represents seriousness, integrity, and professionalism. The color blue in general, is closely related with peace and harmony. Thus, Kia Forte Gravity Blue choosers are likely cool-headed and even-tempered individuals who are always able to think of peaceful ways to diffuse negative situations before they escalate. A great quality to have, especially when faced with the many aggressive drivers we have on the road.

Steel Gray

kia forte Steel Gray

Steel Gray is a silver-ish color, often used to portray futurism. Those in a Steel Gray Kia Forte may want to present themselves as someone with contemporary tastes. Likewise, the traditional elegance of silver means that those who favor it exude some sort of Old-World charm. On the road, this translates to a cool and in-control driving style. It’s also a practical color for a car, as it hides dust and dirt well.

Aurora Black

kia forte Aurora Black

Black is often thought of as the color of luxury and sophistication. It is also seen as a powerful color, suggesting those behind the wheel of a black car have a somewhat authoritative and assertive personality. As such, drivers of black cars are likely to be arrogant on the road. If you’re a lover of black hopefully, you don’t fit this stereotype.

Runway Red

kia forte Runway Red

Red is the color of sensuality and passion, and the Kia Forte’s Runway Red hue perfectly encapsulates these vibrant characteristics. Dynamic, daring, and bold—these are the ideas that the shade of red expresses. It’s also the color of performance, and the Forte’s subdued sportiness goes well with individuals who want a quick sedan with the sophistication to match.

More about the Kia Forte

The Kia Forte has two engines on offer—one is a 1.6 in-line dual-CVVT gasoline engine that outputs 126hp and 155Nm of torque, and the other is a 1.6-liter T-GDI gasoline that delivers 201hp and 265Nm of torque. These powertrains possess a front-wheel drive (FWD) configuration paired with either a 6-speed automatic with manual mode in the dual-CVVT and a 7-speed DCT with manual mode in the turbocharged power mill.

Though the Kia Forte appears small at first glance, the 2700mm wheelbase proves its spaciousness. Meanwhile, the Forte sheetmetal places less importance on lines and focuses more on curves. The sides especially, shows minimal creases that lend the Forte a sleek aesthetic. Noteworthy exterior features include bi-function headlamps, LED bulbs all around, GT-style bumpers, and a glossy black radiator grille.

kia forte

Inside, comfy seating for five is provided by the clever interior design that gives each occupant plenty of room to stretch. Sleek futurism characterizes the dashboard, capped off by an 8-inch floating infotainment system that helps keep the driver’s on the road even while fiddling with the controls. Bluetooth, Apple CarPlay, and Android Auto connections are available in Kia Forte.

kia forte Interior

For safety, the Kia Forte boasts a number of advanced driver assistance features including cruise control, rear camera display, parking distance warning, hill-start assist, and electronic stability control. All the basic safety systems are accounted for.

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