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The Philippines has over 4 million motorcycle units. Motorcycles are used daily across the country for business and personal purposes. A large volume of urban workers and professionals use them as daily private transport to and from their offices or workplaces.

Motorcycles in the Philippines have four makes: cubs- lightweight bikes used for delivering smaller packages, scooters- which have a platform for the driver’s feet as part of its step through frame, sport motorcycles- used mainly for racing, and business motorcycles- used for commercial purposes such as public transport.

Most anticipated motorbikes for 2014

Japanese motorcycle makers Suzuki, Honda, Yamaha, and Kawasaki and Korean brand Kymco dominate the market.

With a growing demand for auto motives brought on by a booming economy and transport service sector, the Philippine motor scene is livelier than ever. Four of the most popular motorbike manufacturers in the country have released their new models for 2014:


Suzuki has revealed two new motorcycles this year- the Shooter 115 Fi and the Raider J 115 Fi. The Shooter has a 4 speed, constant mesh transmission with a 6.90 horsepower engine. It has a fuel capacity of 3.7 liters, and has a curb mass of 94 kilograms. Meanwhile, the Raider has a 9.3 horsepower engine, an electric kick startup, 3.7 liter tank and a curb mass of 96 kg.


Honda has released five new motorcycle models for 2014: Interceptor sport bikes the Interceptor Deluxe and CBR650F; the retro models CB1100 and CB 1100 Deluxe; and the biggest surprise of all- the limited edition Montesa Cota 4RT Repsol.


Yamaha MotorbikeThe Vega is the company’s featured new model for 2014. Its 4 stroke air cooled SOHC 2 valve engine provides 8 horsepower and has a fuel capacity of 4.2 liters. Noticeable details of the model are a multi-information meter panel, standout headlights and tail lights, and an aluminum grab bar.


The company is set to launch a multitude of new products for 2014 in the coming months. The most publicized among them: a new edition of the 2014 KLR 650 promises a more comfortable seat and new suspension.


The range for business type motorcycles varies from roughly P35,000 to P75,000 depending on brand and model. Cubs and scooters also fall into this price range. Sports bikes are pricier with some costing more than P100,000.

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