Commercially appealing model that is affordable too

Toyota Corolla Cross (2020-2023)

This Toyota car offers extra commercial appeal and the reason behind the same is the perfect amalgamation of old and new ideas. I decided to buy this particular model since I felt this will be more on affordable side as the tag of ‘Corolla’ is associated to it. Side by side ‘Cross’ hints at its enhanced utility factor. The contemporary feel to this model is absolutely breathtaking. Side by side its off road driving prowess is another killing factor to drool over. The car has not forgotten to include tons of standard driver assistance along with safety features.


Ramil Tuesday Nov 28, 2023 10:04:50

Rating of Toyota Corolla Cross (2020-2023)

4.2 /5
Based on 21 Customer Reviews

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Based on 21 Customer Reviews
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