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BMW R nine T Urban G/S

This exclusive edition from BMW is filled with character and is ready for customization. This is what the latest model of BMW r-nine-t-urban-gs showcases. The latest model is also offering better performance. Yet if this is compared to a few of its competitors, the performance level is not up to the mark. The handling capacity of this model is quite decent inspite of having utilitarian suspension setup. This may not be that praiseworthy while the riding is done off-road or via large-sized bumps. But as far as its finish and beautification part is concerned, this bike will not leave any room to criticize.


Franklin Thursday Feb 2, 2023 06:20:17

Rating of BMW R nine T Urban G/S

4.5 /5

Based on 2 Customer Reviews

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Based on 2 Customer Reviews
R Nine T Urban G/S Reviews

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