The cost of this motorcycle compared to the top speed makes me a bit mad

Honda CBR500R

The top speed of this motorcycle is around 185-187kmph. The cost of this motorcycle in my opinion goes way beyond the point of justification for that top speed. I mean, it’s a sports motorcycle, I do and I should care about the performance of this motorcycle at the end of the day. Yes, this motorcycle the Honda CBR500R rides really well and it controls very well too, but in the end, the top speed does matter because it’s a sports motorcycle. When I am out with my friends, it is not discussed whose motorcycle rides the best, it is of utmost importance that whose motorcycle is the fastest. So, I am disappointed with this model. If your point of interest is not in the speed, you can obviously opt for this motorcycle.


Lawrence Monday Nov 15, 2021 07:06:27

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