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Kawasaki Ninja ZX-10RR

I was looking for a 1000 cc bike in the Kawasaki variant, so I visited the nearest Kawasaki showroom. The people of Kawasaki were very good, the buying experience was very good, and overall the experience was good. Riding the Kawasaki Ninja-ZX-10RR, I enjoy the most. The speed of the two-wheeler is like a bullet. It is an expensive bike overall, but the 1000 cc was the machine I was looking for performance-wise. It is absolutely smooth on the highway and can coast at 150+kmph for hours, and the bike brakes are excellent. A 17-liter fuel tank which we need to stop for fuel after 250 kms.


Mark Monday Aug 1, 2022 15:36:19

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Based on 10 Customer Reviews
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