Cheap does not mean best, sometimes you can get scammed as well

MotorStar Xplorer X200R

The price tag and the looks of this motorcycle can impress a lot of youngsters who want stylish motorcycles that look like sports vehicles. The Xplorer X200R from MotorStar is such an offering and you should definitely be wary of it. The reason for this warning is very simple, please compare other motorcycles in the same price range, see what they offer, most motorcycles in this price range would only offer a 125cc engine maximum. I do not know how the manufacturer has cut corners to keep the cost down to an unimaginable level but I can assure you that this motorcycle is not in your best interest. I myself would not buy this or recommend it to anyone.


Rizalino Monday Nov 15, 2021 07:05:03

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Based on 18 Customer Reviews
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