Looks can definitely deceive you with this motorcycle

Suzuki GSX-S1000 ABS

Okay, first of all, you should definitely note, any motorcycle that has a 1000cc engine deserves respect and can not be compared to ordinary street motorcycles. Having said that, you also need to think that premium motorcycles depend a lot on their looks to sell, the GSX S1000 decided to make a statement by creating a very mediocre design motorcycle that looks confused more than anything else. But, they gave some of the best two-wheeler performance in this vehicle that you can find on the market. So, now the ball is your court. Do you buy an average looking super motorcycle that performs better than some of the best looking models in the market, or do you reject this model based on its looks?


jhaerix Thursday Nov 18, 2021 04:08:07

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Based on 10 Customer Reviews
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