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All in all the best motorbike , All in all the best with the NMAX 155 day to day and in that time I became a fan of the stylish scoot. I’m a scooter rider from way back, having owned one when I lived overseas for a period of time as well as in Sydney in the late ’90s early 2000s, which was great transport for Heather and I. You can’t beat the convenience of a scooter around town. The ease of starting, storage, riding, and economy are all benefits that come with scooter ownership along with affordable rego (in some States) and insurance. Servicing can be slightly expensive due to accessibility thanks to bodywork but services are still simple. Tyre life and brake pad life are long and a scoot is less likely to get nicked or attract police attention than a bike. Win win. Link Macna Q4 The updates for the NMAX 155 and technical highlights are outlined in the tech breakout but in short, a 30cc capacity hike has given the bike a higher top speed and more torque. The Variable Valve Actuation is retained and helps with the top speed, which I recorded at 115km/h (this system switches intake lift and duration at 6000rpm with different intake cam lobes, to give optimum bottom and top-end power). The styling is the same as the 125cc version and the bike comes with a one-year unlimited kilometer warranty. I live outside of Sydney and most of the roads in and out of my area are hilly 70 to 80km/h zones. There is also a lot of National Park around, with more open roads and hills, so normally a small capacity scooter would not be ideal and a mid range such as a 300 or 400 more suitable. This, I discovered, was not the case with the NMAX 155. The engine has an urgency of a larger capacity scooter and can happily cruise on 80km/h all day. Acceleration from zero to 60km/h is impressive and quite good fun between traffic lights. From 60km/h to 100km/h, you would expect a small four-stroke single scoot to drag the chain but it sure doesn’t do this, in fact, it continues with eagerness. All in all is the best motorbike i ever used


Marwin Ang Wednesday Jan 27, 2021 02:56:35

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