Toyota Fortuner Problems and How to Fix Them


The Toyota Fortuner has always been a favorite among many Filipinos. Spacious, comfortable, and reasonably-priced, this car's powerful off-road capabilities easily matches up with its huge, imposing built. What's more, its handsome features makes it a head turner on the road.
Poised to give the large SUV category an overhaul, this family-sized, seven seater is built to be tough on the road. Still, it's not indestructible. Just like any car, it also experiences problems from time to time.
Here are some of the most common Toyota Fortuner problems and how to solve them:

## Defective clutch plate

### 1. Clutch not properly aligned, or are broken and missing

### Symptoms
- Difficulty in clutch engagement or disengagement
- There is some difficulty in shifting
- There is noise when releasing or stepping on the clutch pedal

### Solution
Replace the clutch assembly

### 2. Clutch Disc Overheated / Abused / Improperly Adjusted

### Symptoms
- The clutch won’t release easily
- Clutch has a chattering sound
- The clutch slips
- There is some vibration when you press on the clutch
- Clutch wears out prematurely

### Solution
- Adjust clutch pedal freeplay
- Replace the clutch with an upgraded clutch assembly
- Evaluate your driving style to see if you’re wearing out your clutch unnecessarily

### 3. Clutch Disc Friction Material Cracked/Broken/Missing

### Symptoms
- Clutch slips-does not hold vehicle power
- Difficult clutch engagement or disengagement
- Difficulties in shifting
- There is noise from the car’s clutch

### Possible Causes
- Abusive downshifting/upshifting
- Side-step launch of vehicle
- Improper break-in procedure
- Missed shifts

### Solutions
- Replace clutch with upgraded clutch assembly
- Evaluate driving style-avoid abusive shifting and launching

## Jerkiness or “shift shock” in the gear box
Toyota Fortuner, particularly its 2.4 automatic transmission, encountered this problem early last year.

### Symptoms
- Often this occurs when you slow the vehicle down in Sport mode during downshifts. It happens when you shift at 35kph or even 80kph.

### Possible causes
- Glitch in the software
Toyota gave a statement on this last year:
"This is not a safety issue. And it is merely a glitch in the software; the physical transmission itself is fine. All it needs is ECU reprogramming. Not all AT units are affected."

### Solution
- Full transmission replacement
- ECU reprogramming (due to a glitch in Toyota’s software)

You can go to your nearest Toyota dealership and have your car checked for these issues.. Their marketing team will do a software upgrade when needed.

## Fuel Injection pump failure
The fuel injection pump is almost like the heart of a car. It has two most important roles: (1) It pushes fuel to the injectors, and (2) It gives the right amount of pressure to the injectors so they can give off the correct amount of fuel.
This is a common problem in many cars, and even Toyota Fortuner owners often report this problem.

### Symptoms
- You can hear the engine sputter when driven at high speeds
- Your car loses power when you try to accelerate it.
- Your car loses power completely -- or it may accelerate suddenly even when you don't drive your car.
- The engine dies.

### Possible causes
- The fuel pump is overworked, or it's suffering from age or normal wear and tear. The loss of proper pressure when the fuel is injected causes the engine to sputter and die.

### Solution
- Keep in mind that changing the fuel pump without the help of a mechanic can be risky. Exercise caution, taking care that your environment is not hot enough to cause the gas fumes to ignite.
- The best thing you can do is to let a professional mechanic do the repairs on your [Toyota Fortuner>(

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