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BAIC for sale in the Philippines

BAIC is a Chinese brand of automotive products from the Beijing Automotive Industry Co., Ltd. The Beijing-based car company is considered one of the five largest vehicle manufacturers in China. In 2014, it produced at least 2.25 million vehicles which made them the fourth largest auto firm in its country and placed second in terms of the number of commercial vehicles it manufactured.

Its parent company, Beiqi, was founded in 1958 and has been building vehicles for brands such as Hyundai and Daimler AG, which are also sold in the Chinese market. BAIC receives subsidies from Beijing Automobile Works which allows it to cap production at 1.5 million units a year, enough to take at least 8 percent of the Chinese automotive market share.

Technology and innovation

The Chinese firm was able to purchase its current technologies used on its current fleet from well-known but struggling brands Saab and Chrysler.

Saab, for one, sold the intellectual property rights of three of their vehicle platforms including the mechanical design of the 9-3 and 9-5, two of their engine technologies and another two from their drivetrain systems. In 2012, BAIC tapped the help of former Ferrari designer Leonardo Fioravanti who in turn designed a concept car for the Chinese firm during the 2012 Beijing Auto Show.

The brand also entered into the trial production of some 30 electric vehicles with the use of Saab platforms and their self-developed designs in 2010. The Chinese brand also has a long history of producing commercial vehicles including buses, construction vehicles, light trucks and agricultural machinery. Commercial vehicles account for almost half of the BAIC products.

Popular BAIC models

BAIC arrived in the Philippines just last year, but it has brought an initial offering of seven vehicle models from compact sedans to full-size vans. Some of its outstanding and most anticipated car models include:

The BAIC A115 is a compact car which is available in hatchback and sedan versions. Sportily designed and adapting to multiple driving environments, this car has a unibody platform and stamped steel doors. It runs on an optional 1.3 liter or 1.5 liter engine which produces 98 horsepower and 111 horsepower, respectively.

The BAIC X424 is a 2-door, 4-seater compact off-roading vehicle with a 2.4 liter engine mated with a 5-speed manual transmission with part-time 4-wheel drive. With an output of 143 horsepower and 16 Nm of torque, this vehicle can traverse even the harshest environments in the country.

Establishing its name in the people carrier segment is the BAIC MZ45, a minivan that can also act as a commercial vehicle when customized. It runs through a 1.2 liter multi-point injection engine which provides 85 horsepower and 108 Nm of torque. This passenger van can carry up to 10 people.

Availability of BAIC in the Philippines

Bayan Automotive Industries Corporation (Bayan Auto) is the official importer and distributor of BAIC products in the Philippines.

Interesting facts about BAIC

Universal Motors Corporation, the former distributor of Nissan commercial vehicles in the country, is now the partner of Bayan Auto and holds at least a 24.5 percent stake in BAIC’s operations in the local market.

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