5 Best Cars for Rideshare Driving

5 Best Cars for Rideshare Driving

Depending on who you ask, being a ridesharing driver is a lucrative business. You've probably heard some drivers say they earn upwards of PHP10,000 a week. I've actually encountered one who said he can pocket PHP60,000 per week cleanly. Although the claim sounds dubious, there's no denying that driving for a ridesharing app can be a good source of income.

Of course, to earn money, you have to spend money, and as a ridesharing driver, your biggest investment will be your car. Carmudi lists down five of your top choices for rideshare driving that won't hurt your budget and your passengers are sure to appreciate.

  1. Toyota Vios

There’s no denying that the bestselling car in the land makes for a good ridesharing car. Reliability, affordability, impressive after-sales services--the Toyota Vios has it all. Keep your choices to the upper trims to distinguish your ride from the multitude of taxis out there and make sure those five-star ratings keep coming.

  1. Suzuki Ciaz

Suzuki has been releasing a lot of winners lately, and the Ciaz counts itself among these. Impressive legroom, massive boot space, and an infotainment system that rivals those in its price range are just some of the Ciaz’s strongest selling points.

  1. Mitsubishi Mirage

With hatchbacks now allowed again to operate as ridesharing units, the Mitsubishi Mirage is easily one of your best choices. For the price, the Mirage is surprisingly well-equipped with nice modern features. And there's also the spectacular fuel economy ratings to speak of. It is a hatchback after all, so expectedly many drivers will enjoy the fuel savings that this car can supply.

  1. Hyundai Accent

Hyundai's answer to the Toyota Vios is no slouch, and can match its capabilities pound for pound. If you want to drive a dependable car while offering something different, then the Hyundai Accent is a solid choice.

  1. Toyota Innova

When the rainy season comes around, you'll be glad you chose the Toyota Innova as your ridesharing car. Where sedans may fear to tread, the Innova has a 500-mm wading depth that can manage many flooded streets. You'll be able to keep driving while the rest goes a-stalling.

Toyota Vios vs Suzuki Ciaz Comparison

Toyota Vios
  • ₱681,000 - ₱1.02 Million
Suzuki Ciaz
  • ₱888,000
Toyota Vios vs Suzuki Ciaz

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