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AFTERMARKET: Pertua Oil and Metal Treatment

Want to prolong the life of your engine? How about supporting a local invention? Well you can do both by purchasing and using Pertua Oil and Metal Treatment in your engine. Conceived by a Pampanga-born engineer named Juanito Simon, the product practically became an overnight sensation when it was introduced back in the ’90s, getting widespread recognition as a phenomenon that could do wonders to engine performance and longevity.

A miracle product

The local car industry of the ’80s and ’90s was far from the vibrant market we now find ourselves in. Back then, owning a car often meant spending a significant portion of your life savings, if not all of it. And with very little wiggle room for further expenditures, you want to ensure you keep car maintenance costs at a minimum. Enter Pertua Oil and Metal Treatment. By simply adding this product to engine oil, the latter’s protecting and lubricating properties are enhanced.

So what can Pertua do?

The great thing about Pertua is that unlike additives, it does not destroy the engine oil’s composition. It is also able to polarize metal parts so when they friction, they repel each other. The result is less heat and less chance of overheating. Pertua also has the ability to keep oxygen from contaminating the oil, thereby keeping corrosion at bay.

All these benefits allows Pertua to extend an engine’s service life three to four times longer. How’s that as a moneysaving measure?

After enjoying its heyday in the ’90s, Pertua eventually succumbed to competition and improving technology in engines. Nevertheless, Pertua Oil and Metal Treatment can still deliver the goods, so if you want to make sure you get the most from your engine, you can order a can or two from online stores such as Lazada, and from aftermarket shops like Blade.

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  1. chito gamboa
    March 21, 2019 at 3:26 pm — Reply

    my car is a 1st gen. toyota vios 1.3 (2004 model) is it o.k to add pertua oil & metal treatment on my next change oil. thank you in advance.

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