AFTERMARKET: The Allure of Rear Seat Entertainment Systems

The advertisements seem awesome--a happy family with kids looking cozy and comfortable at the backseat as they enjoy watching a flick on the rear seat entertainment system. With such a perfect travel scenario, who wouldn't want to have such a system for themselves? Indeed, for those long trips to the province, or even when you're bogged down in traffic, rear seat entertainment can be a nifty equipment to have so your passengers can take their mind off the weariness of travel.

Many modern SUVs and minivans have built-in entertainment systems, but if you own an old family hauler, fear not, because there are plenty of aftermarket rear seat systems available, ranging in price from PHP5,000 to PHP50,000 and upwards depending on the complexity of the system. But before you commit to buying this aftermarket accessory for your car, there are a few points to consider.

You have other options

First, you need to ask yourself, do you really need it? Perhaps you'll be better served by buying fasteners that can carry a tablet or mobile phone on the back of your headrests, providing a screen for rear passengers. And since the tablets are not permanently affixed to the headrest, they can be used for other types of entertainment, such as games or music.

It can make your vehicle a target

Aside from being bulky, the large screens offer an enticing target for break-ins and theft. If you do plan on buying a rear entertainment system, make sure not to leave your car unprotected. If you must park, make sure to park only in spots with CCTV and security. Or take off the screens and store them somewhere secure.

In an era dominated by apps and mobile devices, rear seat entertainment systems don’t hold the same value as they once did. Still, there's no denying that they often have larger screens for viewing, and they look more attractive on the car, especially when they integrate seamlessly with the cabin's design. With that said, it's easy to see the allure of a rear seat entertainment system. As long as you get your money's worth, and so long as you can keep the kids from bugging you when they get bored, there's no reason you can't opt to have one installed in your car.


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