Detecting Faulty Tires is Now More Accurate with This

Worn out tires
Faulty tires is a universal problem. And these seemingly simple glitches can cause traffic accidents no matter where you are. According to U.K.'s Department of Transport, faulty tires--where mechanical wear was a contributing factor--cause almost one-third of all road traffic accidents between 2013 to 2019 in the UK. Worn out tire The harsh reality is that a lot of drivers don’t regularly check the condition of their tyres and that many wouldn’t know how to, instead of relying on the annual MoT to rubber-stamp their vehicle’s safety. As a tester evaluates the condition of the car on the day it is presented for its test, the MoT cannot take into consideration the next 12 months’ use,” says Everard's divisional manager, Jamie Taylor. Solving the problem of faulty tires is as simple as checking your tires for signs of wear and tear. However, this procedure can prove to be inaccurate, since you can't really tell how deep or wide the grooves or holes are even under close inspection. Everard solves this problem by creating the Beissbarth EasyTread, an automated tire wear measurement equipment that gives a precise drive-over measurement in seconds. It allows easier mandatory vehicle health check practices to make road safety more viable for drivers.

Automatic Tire Measurement in Seconds

Everard's Beissbarth's EasyTread Beissbarth's EasyTread can give a precise tire measurement in seconds. It can be installed in convenient locations, such as your workshop's main entrance, or even for specific bays. “An upsell opportunity then exists that offers a more complete service without any significant impact on time,” continued Jamie. “If uneven wear patterns are identified, the workshop can carry out a 90-second wheel alignment check using Beissbarth Easy 3D+ or carry out a complete vehicle alignment in under 20 minutes. You could almost say it automates tyre and alignment sales as well.”

Easy Tread Depth Measurement

The EasyTread can be installed either on- or in- ground, and even can be used for extremely low vehicles and even light commercial vehicles. It only uses either power or an ethernet connection, reducing the need of the compressed air line traditionally used in alternative tire tread measurements. “The simplicity of design and installation enables Beissbarth EasyTread to offer a cost-effective option without compromising robustness” said Everard's sales director, James Everard. It also significantly reduces the risk of human error, via its ANPR recognition feature. "EasyTread can be specified with ANPR recognition, which heightens the sense of receiving a cutting-edge service and makes it the perfect complement to any connected workshop of the future seeking to protect their investments.

"It is an especially timely technology given the rise in prominence of electric vehicles ahead of the 2035 ban on new petrol and diesel car sales, and how hard their increased weight and torque can be on rubber.”

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