Do's and Don'ts When Getting a Car Window Tint

Do's and Don'ts When Getting a Car Window Tint

Car tints are cool. But don't take our word for it--just ask millions of satisfied car owners who took that "leap." Adding window tints offer great benefits, like a cooler interior temperature, classier appearance, glare (and light) reduction, and sun protection. What's more, they make your car safer during an accident. Collisions often involve shattered glass windows, but adding a car tint holds those sharp pieces of glass together even if the window breaks.

Of course, some critics would say that they can make your visibility poor on the road, but there's an easy way to prevent this: just use lighter tints for your car's windows. That solves the problem right there and then.

Clearly, the benefits definitely outweigh the cons here, and getting one can be a good investment on your part. But before you decide that car tints are for you, make sure you come in armed with the right information on the proper way to handle them.


Do know the laws that apply to car window tinting.

Mirrored tints and the extremely darker ones are often frowned upon by law enforcers. For one, the mirrored ones can reflect light toward incoming drivers, while the extremely dark ones can be suspicious. Think of bank robbers here--have you ever found one with clear window tints? Highly unlikely. They're most likely so dark you can't see anything inside. Otherwise, they're just setting themselves up for a fun trip--down the jail.

So, before you irritate the other drivers on the road, or make people assume you're going to kidnap them even in broad daylight, then it's best to just stick with the standard window tints for your vehicle. Really, you'll be making your life (and other people's lives) much easier.

Do research on reputable tinting shops first.

Some shops specialize in different types of window tints and brands. This makes them a good source of advice, especially if what you plan to use for your car is what they specialize in.

It's good to choose shops that are experts in different brands and window tint types. That way, you  really get a better picture of the exact window tint that suits your vehicle.

Do choose a professional to install the tints.

Yes, we know how much you can save when you do it yourself. But having a professional install them assures you that you're getting the exact window tint for your car. What's more, it will save you time and money. The last thing you want is to make a mistake and start all over again.

Besides, the professional ones can offer you a wealth of knowledge that not every tinting shop knows. This is especially true if they are an established business for a decade or more.

Do wait around 2-4 days before you decide to roll the window.

Window tints need time to cure. Remember, they're films. And just like the ones used in traditional cameras, they also require time to develop.


Try not to use those do-it-yourself window films if it's the first time you're doing it.

It takes precision and careful application to install these films. Any mistake--such as a bubble--can easily be seen by the naked eye.

However, you can be exempted from this rule if you are loaded with lots of cash. Just buy extra sets so you have new batches to use in case you make a mistake(s).

Do not use harsh cleaners.

Check the bottle: does it contain ammonia and other hard-to-spell chemicals? If you can't spell the ingredients even after two or three glances, then avoid them. Opt for those that contain mild (or even organic) ingredients.

Your car tint will thank you for it.

Don't use abrasive cloth when cleaning them.

Speaking of harsh, make sure to use a soft cloth when cleaning your window. This is especially true after the first three weeks of installation. Remember: those newly-installed films are still quite delicate. This makes them more prone to scratches.

Don't clean your vehicle under direct sunlight.

Sunlight can easily damage the film--and adding water in the equation would make it worse. Remember: water droplets can act as small magnifying glasses. They can act like laser beams and heat some areas of the film. Heat can damage them, especially if they're newly-installed.

Final Word

Having your windows tinted can be one of the best investments you can make for your vehicle. Just remember to be smart so you can enjoy their benefits for a much longer time.

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