Ford reveals next-gen Everest

Next-gen Everest

Following the introduction of the next-generation Ford Ranger last month, the Blue Oval brand has shared photos of its sports utility vehicle counterpart: the next-generation Everest.


  • What are seen in the next-generation Everest?

    The vehicle was seen wearing the same front fascia and headlight design as well as the digitized camouflage.
  • Who designed the camouflage that the next-generation Everest was wearing?

    It is designed by Lee Imrie, exterior designer at Ford Australia.
  • In a statement, Ford said that the “next-gen Everest builds on its award-winning capability to provide the performance and versatility customers told us they needed to take on life and #SeekYourExperience.”

    Just like how the Everest was initially revealed, the forthcoming version of the Everest is wearing a digitized camouflage designed by Lee Imrie, exterior designer at Ford Australia. The layout is based on three colors: Meteor Grey, Black and White.

    To note, Imrie was also the one who made the camouflage that next-generation Ranger in its official teaser photos.

    Next-gen Everest

    While there are more recognizable features (like the front fascia and the C-clamp matrix LED headlights that are also seen in the latest Ranger), Ford said that some of Everest’s key visual design cues will remain hidden until it is revealed in the first quarter of next year.

    The camouflage design has reflective strips, Imrie said, is an “artistic pattern that hints adventure.”  

     “The camouflage consists of a series of rectangles tilted on a 45-degree angle that were inspired by mountain peaks… We make sure the vehicle design remains hidden by designing the camouflage pieces in isolation. This means when it’s applied to the vehicle it’s a completely random pattern,” Imrie noted.

    Next-gen Everest

    Further, while the next-generation Everest is disguising itself while in the open, it also features the tagline “#SeekYourExperience” and a QR code blended in the pattern to “encourage those who see it out on the road testing to engage with it and share their experience.”

    The vehicle is expected to enjoy 3.0-liter V6 turbo, single-turbo and bi-turbo 2.0 inline four-cylinder diesels as well as the 2.3-L EcoBoost four-cylinder that are mated either of the three transmission options: a 10-speed, six-speed (both in automatic) and six-speed manual.

    In the local setting, Ford Philippines has posted the silhouette of the next-gen Everest on its “Coming Soon” page—alongside its pick-up equivalent. However, we are guessing that the local arm might be bringing diesel powertrains as the current versions are only available in 2.0-liter (Turbo and Bi-turbo versions), paired to a 10-speed automatic.

    Photos from Ford Philippines

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