Lotus Cars Cuts Servicing and Maintenance Costs


Their recent partnership with Zhejiang Geely is certainly turning up a lot of roses for Lotus Cars. After returning to profitability when the Chinese-owned company became the brand’s new owner, and releasing their first model in years, the iconic British marque has a lot of reasons to be optimistic about its future. Perhaps that’s the reason Lotus is spreading some of its good fortune to its customers, with the brand’s recently announced decision to slash servicing costs on its 9,000-mile (14,484-km) first service by as much as 37 percent across its entire sports car range. lotus Now, servicing costs on the Lotus Elise, Exige, and Evora start at just GBP 270 (approx. PHP 16k). What’s more, servicing schedules and job times have also been realigned for further running cost reductions. The price cuts are made possible primarily by the decrease in the cost of consumables including filters, plugs, drive belts, and fluids. Combined with improved residual values of the Lotus vehicles, owners can now enjoy “lower running costs and improved value for money,” according to the car maker. The initiative is now live at every one of the UK’s 27 Lotus retailers and service centres, and applies to all versions of the Elise, Exige and Evora. “This change is fantastic news for our customers, who can now benefit from the servicing expertise of a Lotus retailer for even less money,” Chris Hinks, Director of Aftersales, Lotus, commented. “We’re driving down the cost of ownership and saving people money.” lotus Lotus’ whole life running costs are already among the best in the sports car sector, as data from industry analyst CAP Ventures proves. Residual values on a three-year-old Lotus Elise Cup 220 jumped up 8 percent to 56 percent, between the second and fourth quarter of 2019. Figures for a Lotus Evora GT410 Sport rose by a staggering 15 percent, also to 56 percent, during the same period. Lotus is looking to roll out this price cut initiative in other global markets soon, which hopefully includes the Philippines. Considering the price tags of their cars locally, Lotus owners in the country are sure to welcome the change with open arms.

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