Nissan GT-R: Which color is the best?

nissan gt-r

Arguably, no vehicle is as iconic as the Nissan GT-R. From Takeshi Nakazato’s Black Pearl Metallic Nissan Skyline GT-R V-Spec II R32 (out of the pages of Shuichi Shigeno's Initial D series) to Brian O’Conner’s 1999 Nissan Skyline GT-R R34 (from the famous "Fast & Furious" franchise), the unmistakable “GT-R” badge has been donned by distinctive cars that influenced an entire generation of car nuts — myself included.

Looking back, part of these cars' allure is not always about what they hide under the hood, but also what they sport on the surface. Today, we will be looking at the latest GT-R models from Nissan in hopes of finding out what color among its offerings is the best.

But first, an honorable mention.


nissan gt-r

Nissan’s GT-R NISMO’s paint job might be straightforward and simple, but paired with the Japanese car manufacturer’s in-house tuning, motorsports and performance division body kits, the GT-R screams power and performance. It comes in the ever-iconic Pearl White TriCoat but can also be had in other colors like Solid Red, Jet Black Pearl, or Super Silver Quad Coat. It must be said, however, that nothing makes a GT-R fanboy happier than a “Godzilla” sporting the aforementioned Pearl White TriCoat. The white finish pairs well with NISMO’s carbon-fiber body kit accentuated with red lines that make the Nissan GT-R appear closer to the ground. Furthermore, the white achromatic backdrop allows the Nissan GT-R NISMO’s aerodynamic dimensions to be highlighted, making it look more agile and more aggressive.

With that out of the way, let’s look into some of the more conventional color options.

Pearl White


Many believe white to be an inherently positive color. Often associated with brilliance, purity, and perfection, this color option perfectly embodies the GT-R as an unmatched blend of power and soul. Like the GT-R NISMO, having a white finish can accentuate the curves and the lines on the Nissan GT-R. The Pearl White finish also gives the GT-R texture and body. And although white paint might be a pain to keep clean, it has been a popular color of choice for many car buyers — both new and used.

Ultimate Silver


It’s not called “ultimate” silver for nothing. The solid silver hue adds the element of opulence and sophistication to Nissan’s racing thoroughbred. Silver is often attributed to modernity and elegance which makes the Nissan GT-R look more like a car designed for luxury than a car built for the track. It’s for those who want a sleek highway racer with a paint job that looks like it costs more than the average vehicle.

Pearl Black


Black typically symbolizes power, authority, elegance, and a good sense of style. That’s why noir has been the color of choice for both protagonists and antagonists in pop culture. Think of David Hasselhoff’s car in Knight Rider or Keanu Reeves' 1969 ‘Stang in John Wick, these cars were the epitome of badassery making it an easy choice for action-seeking car owners. Black may be a tricky color to maintain, but it doesn’t stop many hopeful GT-R owners nonetheless.

Vibrant Red


You just can’t call it a sports car if it’s not red, can you? The color red makes the GT-R befitting of its rich sporty lineage that put the Japanese car on the map. A Nissan GT-R in Vibrant Red will make sure that this supercar can easily be seen more than it can be heard. It will definitely be catching some serious attention when it drives by onlookers and passersby as this color option is a head-turner. Red is the color of passion and adventure which makes a Nissan GT-R in this color a great choice for those who live for the excitement of going from 0-100.

Gun Metallic


A very deep shade of gray blended with a bit of blue, gun metallic gray reminds one of the toughness and resilience of metal. Adding the word “gun” in the name radiates a sense of aggressiveness that the color might otherwise have not been attributed with. That said, this paint option makes for a stylish and practical choice as gun metallic is relatively easy to maintain.

Katsura Orange

This paint option offers a stand-out shade that radiates boldness and excitement. Many car manufacturers release vehicles in the same color palette when targeting younger market segments. In the case of the Nissan GT-R, it represents fun and enjoyment with the GT-R being marketed as a supercar that can be driven anytime, anywhere. This color option allows the GT-R not only to appeal to younger generations but also is an expression of a car so refined, anyone can drive it.

Bayside Blue


A rather serene and calming color, Bayside Blue represents a car that is quiet and reserved, but is ready to take on the challenge of the road ahead. Moreover, this paint option harks back to the ‘Skylines’ of old making it a great option for Nissan GT-R purists. This color may not be bold and outgoing as Nissan’s other offerings, but it still makes for an attractive option. 

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