Rolls-Royce updates Phantom, reveals bespoke Phantom Platino


The Phantom is arguably one of the most popular nameplates in Rolls-Royce’s roster. And while most of the British luxury car marque’s vehicles have been regarded as a classic expression of good taste, beauty, and luxurious perfection, the Phantom, per Rolls-Royce, occupies a unique, pinnacle position in this regard, being revered for its timeless elegance.


  • What updates did Rolls-Royce give the Phantom?

    Rolls-Royce gave the Phantom slight updates to the front end, a new set of wheels, and a chunkier steering wheel.
  • What are some of the notable features found on the Phantom Platino?

    The Phantom Platino boasts a two-fabric-finished rear seats, a 3D-printed ceramic dashboard timepiece, and a specifically designed Starlight Headliner.
  • “Phantom occupies an unrivaled position at the very apex of the luxury world. As our pinnacle product, it represents the very best of Rolls-Royce design, engineering, and craftsmanship — a perfect blend of vision, creativity, the finest materials, skill, patience, and precision. With Phantom Series II, we have retained and carefully protected everything our clients love about this superlative and luxurious item; subtle, yet meaningful enhancements reflect their evolving tastes and requirements,” said Rolls-Royce Motor Cars Chief Executive Officer Torsten Müller-Ötvös.

    Since its introduction in 2017, the Phantom has always been a standout. Rolls-Royce reveals that through the years, the company’s designers and engineers have been guided by the requests of clients, who have implored the Westhampnett-based brand not to make any major changes to an already iconic motor car. As a result, only the lightest of design touches, embellishments, and adaptations have been incorporated.

    That same principle reflects in the latest update Rolls-Royce has given to the Phantom. Only subtle upgrades were implemented, like the geometric changes to the Pantheon Grille that makes the ‘RR’ Badge of Honor and Spirit of Ecstasy mascot more prominent when viewed from the front.


    The Phantom’s grille, like the Ghost's, is now illuminated. The lights that flank the grille feature intricate laser-cut bezel starlights that not only improve the Phantom’s nigh-time presence but also create a visual connection with the Starlight Headliner found inside the luxury saloon’s cabin.

    Furthermore, Rolls-Royce now offers a darkened chrome grille surround, black bonnet reins, windscreen surround, and side frame finishers ins response to the growing demands of clients requesting an iteration of the Phantom in a darker, more menacing form.


    New wheels adorn the Phantom’s side profile. The 3D milled stainless-steel wheels feature triangular facets and can be had a fully or part-polished finish. Alternatively, the Phantom can be optioned with disc wheels that can be had in polished stainless steel and black lacquer.

    Rolls-Royce reveals that the interior of the updated Phantom remains almost unaltered, except for the thickened steering wheel.

    “We are acutely conscious of our clients' esteem for and love of their Phantoms. They felt it could not be improved; but while naturally respecting that view, we believe it is always possible, indeed necessary, to gently go further in our pursuit of absolute perfection. The subtle changes we have made for the new Phantom Series II have all been minutely considered and meticulously executed. As Sir Henry Royce himself said: ‘Small things make perfection, but perfection is no small thing,’” added Müller-Ötvös.


    To celebrate the arrival of the updated Phantom, Rolls-Royce reveals a bespoke masterpiece, dubbed the Phantom Platino.


    The Phantom Platino comes with leather front seats and rear seats finished in upholstered fabric. The materials used on the rear seats are made of two different fabrics. One was created in an Italian mill and is known for its durable yet luxurious appearance, while the other is derived from bamboo fibers and is selected for its lustrous finish.

    The silken textile also appears on the Phantom’s Gallery, the armrest, and the center console. The bamboo fabric, on the other hand, is placed on the lower elements of the interior.


    The Phantom Platino also features a dashboard timepiece made from 3D-printed ceramic, set into an iced finish wood set.

    Meanwhile, the Starlight Headliner boasts a unique design created specifically for the Platino model which sees the stars placed in a manner to draw the eye rearwards, with whimsical shooting stars following the sweeping arc of the pattern.

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