The pros and the cons of the Toyota Hiace


The Toyota Hiace has been one of the Japanese carmaker’s longest-running nameplates here in the Philippines. In fact, it has been in Toyota’s local lineup since 1990 and has spanned numerous variants across generations.

Today, the Toyota Hiace is currently sold in different models including Commuter Cargo, Super Grandia, GL Grandia, GL Grandia Tourer, and Commuter Deluxe.

Hiace Commuter Deluxe

In the market for a utility vehicle or a family van? Checking out these pros and cons might help you decide if the Hiace is the right vehicle for you.


Reliable engine

There’s a reason why many Filipinos trust Toyota. It’s considered the country’s number-one car brand because of its ability to deliver vehicles that are dependable and reliable.

Whether you opt for the base Hiace Commuter model or the range-topping Super Grandia Elite, you’re sure to get a solid engine that can take you to where you need to be.


That said, Toyota Hiace’s lowest trim packs a dependable L-type, four-cylinder engine, mated to a five-speed manual transmission. The top-of-the-line Super Grandia Elite is fitted with a 1GD-FTV 16-valve, four-cylinder In-line, DOHC mill mated to a six-speed automatic tranny.

Across the board, Hiace vans sport high-quality powertrains and is one of the reasons why they are often the choice for TNVS operators.

There’s a Hiace for everybody

As we’ve briefly covered above, the Toyota Hiace is currently offered in a wide model range that could cater to the needs of fleet operators, growing Filipino families, and even ferry local politicians and celebrities.

Whether you need a practical partner or a luxurious carrier, you’re sure to find the right model that would suit your needs and your budget.

After-sales parts and services

Toyota genuine parts are known to be affordable and relatively easy to find. This means that when you need to have some of your van’s components replaced, you can easily get the parts you need.

Finding someone who knows how to properly remove and install these parts are also easy which means you won’t need a trained specialist to do the deed.


Boxy exterior

Granted that most vans in the country have boxy bodies, the Toyota Hiace seemed to have embraced this look for good. It did undergo a facelift, but it still retained its rather rectangular design.


Well if it ain’t broke, don’t fix it.

Not for the spirited driver

Because of its exterior dimensions, the Toyota Hiace (regardless of the trim) is not meant to be driven enthusiastically. Its tall stance gives it a high center of gravity which means that in high-speed driving situations, you’ll immediately experience body roll.


The success of the Toyota Hiace has allowed it to remain a part of the brand’s local offering for three decades and counting. That said, there’s definitely a market for vans that lean towards function over form.

Despite its boxy styling, the Toyota Hiace has been the choice for Filipino car buyers who are looking for a no-nonsense van.

Looking for a second-hand van? Check out these pre-loved Hiace units from Carmudi Philippines here.

Photos from Toyota

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