Will you choose Toyota's Hiace Cargo Variant for your business?

Toyota expands its options for the Hiace by providing a seatless option for the transportation of goods instead of passengers.

Toyota Motor Philippines (TMP) has just announced that the Hiace, a known people-carrying utility van, now has a Cargo variant, designed to expand its options in the market. The newly-offered Hiace Cargo is the original Commuter of the Hiace Grandia, minus the seats.

Hiace Cargo

The Toyota Hiace, which just had a full model change last year, has existing variants such as the Super Grandia Elite, and GL Tourer for a luxurious set-up while the Commuter variant is a staple people-mover that sees regular use as a private company shuttle or UV Express vehicles

As of May 2020, the Hiace holds 66 percent of the market share in its segment.

However, Toyota recognizes the need to transport cargo as well as people.

hiace front interior

“TMP in pursuit of providing for the needs of the market, it has introduced the Hiace Cargo to cater to customers who have requirements to transport load in a safe and secure way.     It is also timely as we are also able to cater to the needs of the market for goods transfer during this pandemic situation,” Toyota Motor Philippines First Vice President for Vehicle Sales Operations Sherwin Chualim said. 

“The Philippines is the largest Hiace market outside Japan.  We want to continue expanding our Hiace line-up for more versatile use,” he added.

The newest iteration of the Hiace—the Cargo variant—has a price tag of P1.101 million  and goes on sale this month.

Photos from Toyota Motor Philippines

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