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Top 5 Car Parts You Should Get to Know by Heart

When you have a problem with your car, you take it to a car technician. After all, it’s their job, and that’s what they’re paid to do, right? Nevertheless, it helps tremendously if you know a thing or two about your car’s parts, what they look like, where they’re located, and what it takes to maintain them. With these pieces of information, you can better understand the repairs that need to be done to your vehicle when they’re explained to you. You’ll also be more equipped to protect yourself from shady mechanics looking to cheat you with repairs.

Here are five car parts that you need to know by heart so you can have well-informed discussions with your service technician and maintain your car more adequately.


The engine is your car’s heart, and you need to pay attention to its issues as you would your own heart. Though its repair should be best left to a pro, it’s good to know when there is a problem with it and what the parts could cost you. Common issues include overheating, leakage, dirty oil, low oil, and misfire, among other things. Warning signs to look out for include stalling, loss of power, lowered gas mileage, unusual smells and noises, and a check engine light that comes on. Here are tips on how to keep it clean, as well as to prevent it from overheating.


The battery powers all your vehicle’s electrical components. It’s also what allows your vehicle to start in the first place. If your car won’t start, chances are you have a dead battery in your hands. Learn how to jump start a battery by following these tips.

Air filter

Your air filters are vital for air quality in your engine and cabin. You want to make sure these are always clean to keep pollutants from invading your car’s system, as these can be detrimental to the health of both your car and you personally. Your car has two air filters, and you can ask your technician to show your where these are located. You may also want to read our articles identifying the different types of air filter you may face, along with their possible location and how to clean them.


If your car’s engine is the heart, then the components that make up the transmission system are its arteries. The job of your car transmission is to ‘transmit’ the engine’s power and torque to the wheels. Transmission systems can either be automatic or manual, although there are different variations of both. You also need to know if your car is a front-wheel, rear-wheel, or all-wheel drive vehicle so you will know which wheels are receiving the engine’s power. Leaks, damage to the housing, loose pan, and an out-of-balance drive shaft are the most common signs of a faulty transmission system. Other issues to look out for include strange sounds and odors, delayed shifting, and disconnected cooler lines.


Like air filters, your car also uses two kinds of brakes. The first is the one connected to your brake pedal, and the other one is linked to your handbrake. Each works independent from the other.

Regularly maintaining your brakes and being vigilant with potential issues will save you from expenses, and most importantly, keep you safe on the road.

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