Volvo PH Supports Chosen Children Foundation Anew via Crayfish Party

Volvo PH Supports Chosen Children Foundation Anew via Crayfish Party

The official distributor and dealer of Swedish carmaker Volvo has thrown its support anew to the annual Crayfish Party. Organized by the Nordic Chamber of Commerce (NordCham) in the Philippines in partnership with Sofitel Philippine Plaza Manila, the event is aimed to support the Chosen Children Foundation. A total of PHP1.4 million has been raised for the Chosen Children Village--a shelter and care facility for physically and mentally-challenged children--for the daily operations of the facility and improving the quality of life of the children.

Crayfish and Cars

The crayfish and car combination may seem an odd combination, but this has given birth to the first Swedish car about a century ago. Volvo founders Gustaf Larson and Assar Gabrielsson discussed the possibilities of making the first Swedish car over crayfish at Sturehof restaurant on that fateful day in August 1924. Three years later, the ÖV4 was born and the rest, is history. Since then, Volvo has been breaking barriers. From life-saving innovations that the world now enjoys, such as the three-point seatbelt, it forges ahead as a leader in the global automotive industry with autonomous drive, electrification, and of course, safety technology. Still focused on the company's three core values--safety, quality, and care for the environment--Volvo continues to innovate for people. Making people's lives easier, safer, and better is something that comes naturally to this people-centric company. That is why Volvo continues to design cars that put people first.

Omtanke and Plug-in Hybrids

At Volvo Cars, consideration for others is paramount. Volvo supports a culture of openness, integrity and accountability. They are influenced by Omtanke--a Swedish word that means "caring" and "consideration," but also importantly "to think again." Omtanke summarizes Volvo's way of protecting what's important to people. It is at the core of their business and works hand-in-hand with sustainability that goes beyond the cars and operations and into society. This is the reason behind the promise of having electric cars making up 50 percent of Volvo sales by 2025. This 2019, Volvo enthusiasts can now enjoy driving Volvo's Plug-in Hybrids with the Volvo S90, Volvo XC60, and Volvo XC90 T8 Twin Engine. The introduction of more environment-conscious yet still powerfully dynamic alternatives marks the start of Volvo's electric future that keeps people, and the world they live in, in mind. It is the same philosophy that drives Volvo Philippines to support NordCham, the embassy of Sweden, and Chosen Children Foundation for over four years now. Volvo PH sees the value in helping people to be the best version of themselves and Volvo is proud to be a vehicle for positive change to happen.

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