WATCH: Mitsubishi North America launches ‘Thunderstruck’ campaign for 2022 Outlander


To help hype up Mitsubishi’s upcoming SUV, the American arm of the Japanese carmaker reveals its plans that would link the 2022 Mitsubishi Outlander with the immediately recognizable tune of AC/DC’s iconic and edgy “Thunderstruck.”

Check out the 30-second campaign video here.

“The all-new 2022 Mitsubishi Outlander is the most-connected, best-equipped vehicle we have ever sold in the US, and given how positively it’s already been received by members of the media, our dealer partners and consumers, it represents a huge opportunity to raise awareness and consideration for the Mitsubishi brand,” said Mitsubishi Motors North America (MMNA) Senior Marketing Manager Kim Ito.

He added, “the Outlander takes its place at the head of the Mitsubishi Motors lineup. With a car that stands out from the crowd the way this one does, we knew we needed a soundtrack that would help it be just as memorable and stand out in the crowded field of advertising.”

Mitsubishi Motors’ new “Thunderstruck” campaign was created by Unite Digital in collaboration with The Sussman Agency in Detroit.

Key to the success of the campaign is a Mitsubishi Motors first-in-the-industry process where each of the company’s approximately 330 dealer partners in the US has the ability to directly personalize and customize the national advertisement for their local use.

“Beyond AC/DC’s rock star street cred, ‘Thunderstruck’ perfectly describes the way the whole creative team felt the first time we saw the Outlander. People first say ‘Wow! What is that?’ and then they immediately say, ‘That’s the new Mitsubishi?’ We wanted to capture that feeling when a new car makes you stop in your tracks and just stare in amazement,” said Sussman Agency Senior Vice President and Creative Director Susan Stallings.

Photo from Mitsubishi

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