What can you see inside the 2021 Suzuki Carry?

Suzuki New Carry 2021

Light commercial vehicles (LCVs) aren’t exactly built for comfort, that’s why you’ll often see them equipped with the most basic of cabin features. But it looks like Suzuki is making its latest LCV, the Carry, an exception to the rule. “In addition to the large size cabin and plenty of storage, the Carry comes equipped with convenience features and mechanical advancements to make driving and work more comfortable,” the Japanese car maker describes.

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So does the actual Suzuki Carry interior live up to this proud boast? While it’s no Mercedes-Benz, and the use hard, bland-looking plastics is still prevalent, there’s plenty of features inside the Carry that would leave competitors green with envy.

1. Ample legroom

The engineers at Suzuki relocated the Carry’s shift lever from the floor to the dashboard, thereby increasing legroom significantly. Plus, the full-cab layout also puts the wheelhouse behind the cabin to offer extra legroom for driver and passenger.

2. Plenty of storage

Places and spaces in the dash and throughout the cabin offer Carry occupants plenty of convenience for storing documents, receipts and water bottles. Check out the number of storage options below.

suzuki carry

3. Enough space for the biggest cargo

suzuki carry

Though the truck bed is not part of the Carry, it’s the essence of this LCV, so it’s worth noting here. Even if you plan on hauling large pieces of furniture, the Carry boasts an extra-large loading capacity and easy access to the bed from all three sides. “These are only a few of the reasons why you need the Carry,” Suzuki claims. Measuring 2565mm long and 1660mm wide, Carry’s large-size bed makes it easy to transport long objects as well as wide ones. And with a height of 1160 mm to the top of the cab, even tall cargo will be easy to fit onto the bed as well.

4. A whole host of other features

That’s not all that the Carry offers. Here’s the rest of the LCV’s cabin features to expect:

  • Cabin Lights Front
  • Sun Visors Driver's Side
  • Sun Visors Passenger's Side
  • Assist Grip on Ceiling
  • USB Port (Center Console)
  • Cup Holder (Driver Side)
  • 12v Accessory Socket (Centre Console Area)
  • Instrument Panel Ornament (Colored)
  • Instrument Panel Ornament (Film)
  • Manual Air Conditioner
  • Heater
  • 1DIN MP3 and AM/FM Audio System with Antenna
  • Steering Lock
  • Engine Immobilizer

As you can see, some of these aren't even available in some of the Carry's competitors, particularly the USB socket and heater functions.

More about the 2021 Suzuki Carry

The 2021 Suzuki Carry replaces the Super Carry, and the difference between the two is more the removal of the first word. The biggest contributor to all the difference is that, while the Super Carry is built in India, the new Carry is assembled in Indonesia by Suzuki Indomobil Motor.

The 2021 Suzuki Carry is powered by the highly-efficient K15B 1.5-liter gasoline engine with multipoint fuel injection function that can dish out an ample 96hp and 135Nm of torque. Like the Super Carry before it, its shifting is handled by a 5-speed manual transmission.

suzuki carry

While the Super Carry relied on manual steering, the new Carry steers and veers via an electric assist system. Undercarriage pretty remains the same for both models, comprising struts and coils at the front and rigid axle and leaf springs at the rear.

Don’t let the lack of “super” in the name fool you—due to its added size and heft, the new Carry improves in all aspects of weight and capacity, growing to 1070kg curb weight, 2010kg gross vehicle weight, and a 940kg payload capacity, considered the best in class for the compact truck category. As an added selling point, all of the sides of the truck bed can now open as opposed to just the left side, so regardless of which side of the road you park, you can always load and unload your cargo safely and without worry.

The all-new Suzuki Carry can be converted and modified to suit any business needs. It can be used as a cargo truck, utility van, or pick-up truck with the same functionality and reliability expected of a trusted workhorse. The all-new Suzuki Carry's variants and prices are:

  • Carry Cab & Chassis - PHP499, 000
  • Carry Truck - PHP509,000
  • Carry Cargo Van - PHP576,000
  • Carry Utility Van - PHP614,000

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