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Honda TMX 125 for sale

Honda TMX for sale in the Philippines

The Honda TMX is a business-type motorcycle that is used to carry out certain tasks such as delivering products and transporting paid passengers. In the Philippines, these types of motorcycles are usually converted into tricycles and used as public transportation.

The TMX series has two major variants depending on its displacement: the TMX 125 and the TMX 155. In the Philippines, the 155 cc variant adopts the “Supremo” nameplate to differentiate it from the previous generations of this model.

Performance and engine specs

The TMX Supremo’s 4-stroke, OHC, air cooled gasoline engine is capable of producing 10.5 horsepower and 11.58 Nm of torque. When driven in highway conditions, this motorcycle can reach a top speed of 120 kilometers per hour and has a fuel consumption rating of up to 40 km/L.

It uses a carburettor fuel system and can be fired up by either a kick or electric starter. The TMX also runs on a 5-speed constant mesh manual transmission and has a mechanical leading trailing brake system.

Honda TMX design

Adopting a telescopic fork for its front suspension and a twin rear suspension, this motorcycle is able to cruise on any type of road. Its new instrument panel features a convenient gear indicator and an analog tachometer. It has also been mated with a new 5-speed manual transmission. This motorbike has passed the Euro1 emission test, proving that its carbon footprint is minimal.

What are the standout features of the TMX?

The Supremo TMX is equipped with some amazing features that improve its driving experience. It has an easy access choke control that allows it to start easily during the colder months; a passing light that improves the vehicle’s visibility when passing other motorcycles and an illuminated panel with tachometer and digital gear indicator to provide on time information.

To make it an even more secure motorcycle to ride in, Honda has equipped it with a passing light switch, bar end weights (for lesser vibration) and a bar-mounted kill switch. For security purposes, this motorcycle also has a secured key shutter with an integrated handle lock bar to prevent it from being stolen.

Honda TMX price

A brand new Honda TMX Supremo has a price tag of P69,900 while a second hand or used unit can be bought for P50,000 for models older than 2010 depending on its general condition and mileage.

Overall impression

The Honda TMX is one of the most trusted motorcycle models in the country. It has also been made more user-friendly without compromising its dominant muscular design. Locally, it competes with other business motorcycles such as the Suzuki Raider, Kawasaki Barako and the Yamaha SZ16.

In general, motorcycle buyers looking for a model for their passenger tricycle business will love the Honda TMX for its:

  • Durable body design
  • Added safety features
  • Powerful engine
  • New transmission

Interesting facts about the TMX

A motorcycle being converted into a tricycle is a common practice in the Philippines and other Southeast Asian countries. These customized motorcycles are known to carry an average of four to eight people, depending on the side car or passenger cabin’s design.

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