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New and Used Honda XRM 125 for Sale Philippines

Honda XRM 125 for sale Philippines | Honda XRM 125 price Philippines | Red Honda XRM 125


The Japanese vehicle maker Honda first produced this product line in 2001. Three years later, it reached the top spot on the list of the most sold motorcycle models in the Philippines. This revolutionary motorcycle introduced new features to the motorcycle industry as it was the first unit to use Automatic Headlight On (AHO) and the first to be equipped with a Euro 2 compliant engine. Currently, the XRM 125 Series has three motorcycle models under its wing: the Honda XRM 125 Dual Sport, the Honda XRM 125 DSK (Dual Sport Extreme), and the Honda XRM 125 Motard.

The Honda XRM 125 is arguably one of the best-selling motorcycles in the Philippines. Its Japanese manufacturer, Honda, continues to redefine it as the go-to motorcycle that is suitable to drive under any road condition in the Philippines. Fuel-efficient and highly-customizable with a high-quality build and a low carbon emission, the Honda XRM 125 is a great choice for motorcycle enthusiasts. If you want to know more about a new Honda XRM or a 2nd hand Honda XRM, read below.



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Honda XRM 125 Review in the Philippines

Honda XRM 125 Specs and Performance

The 2016 Honda XRM 125 is the 2013 model and has three models under its series. These are the Honda XRM 125 Dual Sport, the Honda XRM 125 DSX, and the Honda XRM 125 Motard.

The Dual Sport, DSK, and Motard have the same 124.8 cc, 4-stroke OHC, air-cooled engine that can churn out a maximum output of 9.3 hp at 7,500 rpm and a maximum torque of 10.4 Nm at 5,000 rpm. The unleaded gasoline engine with a fuel tank capacity of 3.8 liters is mated to a 4-speed constant mesh transmission. Their suspensions are made up of the same telescopic fork suspension for the front and a twin suspension for the rear.

Honda XRM 125 Fuel Consumption

Below are of some popular Honda XRM 125 years and their fuel consumption rates:

New Honda XRM 125 fuel consumption:

  • Honda XRM 125 2016: 129.8 average mpg rating
  • Honda XRM 125 2015: 129.8 average mpg rating
  • Honda XRM 125 2014: 129.8 average mpg rating
  • Honda XRM 125 2013: 129.8 average mpg rating

Second hand Honda XRM 125 fuel consumption:

  • Honda XRM 125 2012: 155.0 average mpg rating
  • Honda XRM 125 2011: 63.7 average mpg rating
  • Honda XRM 125 2010: 102.6 average mpg rating
  • Honda XRM 125 2009: 118.8 average mpg rating


Honda XRM 125 Features

Honda XRM 125 Convenience and Entertainment Features

Just because a vehicle is small doesn’t mean that it’s useless. Contrary to that, Honda loaded the XRM 125 with dual-purpose features that are helpful and pleasing to the eyes at the same time. For your convenience, the convenient features that you’ll find useful in your journey are:

  • Spacious U-Box
  • Comfortable seat cushion


Honda XRM 125 Safety Features

Motorcycles, aside from making their riders look cool, offer a great maneuverability and fuel economy. They’re a lot cheaper than cars, as well, so those people who just need a vehicle to maneuver around the urban jungles but on a tight budget end up buying one. But the disadvantage of choosing a motorcycle over a car is the safety factor. Unlike the car drivers who have the luxury of being protected and enveloped by the car, motorcycle riders have limited safety options and are more prone to fatal injuries when accidents occur. To prioritize your safety, Honda equipped the XRM 125 models with different safety features that you’ll surely appreciate. The XRM 125 Dual Sport model uses a hydraulic ventilated disk for its front brake and a mechanical leading trailing brake for the rear. Other safety features found on the other models are:

  • Automatic headlight on (AHO)
  • Front and rear hydraulic ventilated disk


Honda XRM 125 Design

Honda XRM 125 Interior

Because of its strong sales and popularity, Honda has dubbed this model as the underbone motorcycle king. In the Philippines, the Honda XRM 125 Philippines is dubbed as the “most modified” motorcycle available in the market. Aside from the numerous CRF-designed parts, there are also other designs that contribute to the overall cool and aggressive look of this vehicle. The interior parts of the XRM 125 are as follows:

  • Black engine cover
  • Sleek meter cluster
  • Paint-finished handle bar
  • Euro 2 Compliant Engine


Honda XRM 125 Exterior

Motorists usually have an image of toughness and manliness in the eyes of others. Fortunately, Honda did a good job in crafting a vehicle that will suit the persona the motorists portray. There are certain exterior features that are unique to each model. The Honda XRM 125 Dual Sport has a knuckle guard that can protect your hands from road debris, while the Honda XRM 125 Motard has black-finished alloy wheels that help cast a sleek look. The Honda XRM 125 DSK, on the other hand, has special Red edition front and rear brakes, shocks, and other parts to complement its special black body color. Other exterior features found on all models are:

  • CRF-Designed Headlight
  • CRF-Designed Fender
  • CRF Inspired Side Panels
  • Striking Body Stickers


Honda XRM 125 Color Options

Interested buyers will be glad to know that there are five colors offered for the whole Honda XRM 125 series. For the XRM 125 DSK, there is only one special color available, which is Black, but for the XRM 125 Dual Sport and XRM 125 Motard, Black and Fighting Red are offered. Aside from those mentioned, there are two other colors that are unique to the XRM 125 Dual Sport and XRM 125 Motard and these are listed below respectively:

  • River Side Blue
  • Clipper Yellow


Honda XRM 125 Price List in the Philippines

Introductory prices for a brand new Honda XRM 125 Dual Sport starts at P65,000, while the Honda XRM 125 DSX model sells for P68,400 and the Honda XRM 125 Motard is valued at P70,300. Taking into consideration the year built, vehicle model and general condition, a used Honda XRM 125 for sale can be bought for as little as P30,000. You can check out the following new and 2nd hand Honda XRM prices in the Philippines below:

New Honda XRM 125 Price in the Philippines

  • Honda XRM 125 2016 price in the Philippines: P65,000 – P70,300
  • Honda XRM 125 2015 price in the Philippines: P65,000
  • Honda XRM 125 2014 price in the Philippines: P64,500
  • Honda XRM 125 2013 price in the Philippines: P64,100


Second Hand Honda XRM 125 Price in the Philippines

  • Honda XRM 125 2013 price in the Philippines: P30,000
  • Honda XRM 125 2011 price in the Philippines: P31,000
  • Honda XRM 125 2008 price in the Philippines: P23,500
  • Honda XRM 125 2007 price in the Philippines: P25,000


Honda XRM 125 latest offers in the Philippines


Know more about Honda XRM 125 price list in the Philippines

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