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New and Used Racal E-bike for Sale Philippines

In the Philippines, the Racal name is the very definition of economy. Their company slogan, “Sa Racal Always Praktikal!” comes with the proud boast that you’ll never find any other motorcycle brand or model that’s cheaper than theirs. Now, Racal aims to take the “cheapest” claim even further by adding low-cost-of-operation to their benefits via their E-bike line.

The Racal E-bike Philippines is designed to offer reliable performance while providing the perfect mix of style and functionality. With a single charge, the Racal E-bike can run for over 40-plus kilometers until the next recharge is required. It comes with a chain-driven electric motor that provides the bike with its dependable power. It also has two small-size pneumatic tires to give bikers a smooth and comfortable ride on paved roads. Four different models make up the Racal E-bike line, these are: the Racal Bandit, Racal Pod Jock, Racal City Girl U XD and Racal Thompson UXL. As products of Racal, you are assured that each of these E-bike models is going to be an affordable and reliable companion on the road.



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Racal E-bike Review in the Philippines

Racal E-bike Specs and Performance

Racal’s scooter type electric bike uses a 220-volt rechargeable battery that allows the bike to run for up to 40-plus kilometers with just a single charge. Once power is used up, it takes six to eight hours to fully charge the battery. The E-bike comes with a charger to power up the battery. A 40 Nm torque chain drives the motor when powered on.


Racal E-bike Fuel Consumption

Unladen, the E-bike can get a good speed of up to 24 kmh. However, the combined weight of the battery, electric motor and driver can reduce the bike’s speed to 12 kmh. It’s important to note that the E-bike has a 120 kilogram maximum load limit. Anything more than that will put too much stress on the electric engine, which can hamper its performance and most likely shorten its lifespan.


Racal Features

Racal E-bike Convenience and Entertainment Features

The Racal E-bike features a more powerful engine than most of its counterparts in the same price range. Coupled with a heavy duty chain, the E-bike is ready to provide its owner with many years of good service. Two pneumatic wheels come with the E-bike upon purchase. However, the tire and tube spares can be purchased from the Racal dealership as a combo set. The E-bike also comes with a rear suspension system. Among the bike’s convenience features include:

  • Under seat storage
  • Retractable rear mount kick stand
  • Pneumatic tires
  • Hand operated front and rear brakes
  • Battery charge included
  • 40-plus km of continuous use


Racal E-bike Safety Features

The E-bike’s frame is made of painted steel to ensure that the body lasts longer while effectively preventing rust from setting in. The steel frame is light in weight and designed to accommodate riders of up to 120 kilograms in weight. Among the E-bike’s safety features include:

  • Step through steel frame
  • Sealed rechargeable battery system
  • Scaled down scooter design
  • 6 to 8 hours battery charge time
  • Twist-grip acceleration
  • Hand-operated front and rear brakes


Racal E-bike Design

Racal E-bike Interior

The Racal E-bike features an easy-start turnkey ignition system, doing away with the hard starts that gas-powered bikes are notorious for. The under seat storage is a great accessory especially for riders who need to carry a bag’s worth of personal items. It’s also a good place to store the bike’s tools and spares. Here are the E-bike’s other interior features worth knowing about:

  • 400-600-watts/ 40 Nm engine
  • Chain driven motor
  • 220-volt power
  • Step through steel frame
  • Sealed battery
  • Seating for two persons


Racal E-bike Exterior

The Racal E-bike has ample shock-resistance, allowing you to drive even on shallow potholes and gravel-infested streets. Just don’t take the bike off-road, as the tires aren’t large and wide enough for such driving conditions. Exterior features to expect in this electric-powered mini transport system include:

  • Pneumatic tires
  • Retractable rear mount kickstand
  • Horn
  • Twist grip acceleration control
  • Battery power source
  • Hand brakes


Racal E-bike Color Options

The Racal E-bike comes in multiple color options and are generally two-tone in nature, with white as the base second color. Six of the most popular E-bike paint finishes are listed below:

  • Orange
  • Yellow
  • Blue
  • Red
  • Green
  • Black


Racal E-bike Price List in the Philippines

Racal motorcycles in general are known to be economically priced, and you can expect the same cost efficiency in every E-bike model. Price for a brand new E-bike starts at P24,000, with the cost fluctuating depending on the model. Add to that, authorized Racal dealers offer different financing options that allow Racal buyers to pay for their purchases for as low as P127 pesos daily. Check out the pricing, condition and location information below to find a new or 2nd hand Racal E-bike to suit your needs and budget:

New Racal E-bike Price in the Philippines

  • Racal E-bike 2016 price in the Philippines: P24,000
  • Racal E-bike 2015 price in the Philippines: P24,000


Second Hand Racal E-bike Price in the Philippines

  • Racal E-bike 2014 price in the Philippines: P15,000
  • Racal E-bike 2013 price in the Philippines: P18,000


Racal E-bike latest offers in the Philippines


Know more about Racal E-bike price list in the Philippines

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