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Standard motorcycles in the Philippines

Honda CB Standard for sale

Standard motorcycles are general purpose motorized two-wheeled bikes used mostly in urban locations. This kind of motorcycle has a moderately powered engine, flexible features, and is relatively affordable, making it an ideal motorbike for beginners.

In the motoring world, standards are considered one of the most popular motorcycle segments. They have the look and feel of a sports bike, especially at certain angles, but a different body make. They also have a large, comfortable seat with handlebars upright, much like a dirtbike.  

Features of standard motorcycles

This type of motorcycle allows its driver to sit in an upright riding position, which is between the forward leaning posture for sports bikes and the reclining position common to cruiser bikes. Standards usually have no windscreens or fairings, or if they have them, they are usually installed in small sizes. As such, this kind of motorcycle is also called a “naked bike” which was a term coined in the 1990s. Standards are known for their quality, simplicity, and versatility.

The allure of standard bikes comes from its cruiser-like comfort coupled with its powerful engine, similar to a sportbike. These motorcycles also have incredible versatility capable of handling long distances and conquering the race track with their monstrous horsepower and torque.

Examples of standard motorcycles

Honda CB Standard for sale

The simple design of the standard makes it accessible to motorcycle riders of different skill sets and levels. Some the examples of standard motorcycles currently marketed in the country are: the Honda CB1000R, Kawasaki Z1000, Ducati Monster 696, the Aprilia Shiver 750 and Kawasaki Ninja.

During the 1970s, a clamor fueled by nostalgia for standard motorcycles popularized the Universal Japanese Motorcycles (UJM) which follow the first superbike, the Honda CB750’s design. Most standard motorcycles have a majority of these characteristics and features:

  • A unit construction engine
  • A disc front brake
  • Four-cylinder engine with a carburetor for each cylinder
  • A conventional tubular cradle frame
  • Twin-shock rear suspension
  • Telescopic front forks
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