A stylish mid-size car from Toyota that has good features

Toyota Corolla Cross (2020-2023)

The Toyota Corolla Cross looks really nice and somewhat cute. My wife secretly loves this car as I have seen her staring at it at the dealership many times. So, I wanted to go ahead and surprise her with this car on her birthday. I drove it around myself before I bought the car and I was thoroughly impressed. This car has good cabin space and a well-performing engine that has good fuel efficiency as well. I really liked the cost-to-feature ratio of this car and I am very happy with this purchase and so is my wife. Would recommend this car to others as well.


Marwen Tuesday Nov 30, 2021 18:45:54

Rating of Toyota Corolla Cross (2020-2023)

4.2 /5
Based on 21 Customer Reviews

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Based on 21 Customer Reviews
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