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Benelli 502c

I enjoy sport cruisers and naked street motorcycles more than faired ones as they are more comfortable. I own 3 bikes already, all over 500cc and this Benelli 502c is one of them. I must say it is my current favorite because of the unique design and uncompromised performance. The engine is very refined and is as good as any Kawasaki bike of this class, if not better. The performance has a lazy elegance with linear deliver, unlike sports bikes that have to revved hard. Overall, it is perfect for power-cruising along the highway.


Huskar Monday Oct 19, 2020 15:42:14


Norberto Dapiton on Tuesday Oct 27, 2020 22:41:45

Send me details for installment pls.

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4.6 /5
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Based on 16 Customer Reviews
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