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GAC Cars for Sale in Philippines

Dec 09, 2022 - Currently, 16 GAC Cars for Sale in Philippines. Carmudi is your ultimate destination to find all new Cars (11) information, including Car specs, features, prices and images that will help you choose. Find great deals on good condition 3 second hand Cars for sale in the Philippines with price, features, images and specifications. Check out the largest stock of used Cars all over the Philippines, starting at ₱338,000 only.

16 GAC Cars available for sale in the Philippines, the cheapest GAC car is available for ₱338,000 and the most expensive one for ₱2.958 Million. Get great deals and promos on GAC cars for sale in Philippines, view detailed price list (DP & Monthly Installment), reviews, fuel consumption, images, specifications, GAC car models variant details & more. Select your favorite drive out of available 16 GAC cars and make your dream come true of buying your own car.

GAC Cars for Sale Philippines

The Guangzhou Automobile Group (GAC) is a Chinese brand which is increasingly making its presence felt in the Philippines market. The company entered the Philippines automobile market in 2018. While GAC currently has a limited number of models in its portfolio since it’s a new brand, the company plans to introduce more vehicles over the next few years. The range of cars offered by GAC covers the crossover, sedan, sports utility vehicle (SUV) and the multipurpose vehicle (MPV) segment. The models available in the Philippines are the GAC GS3 (crossover), GAC GA8 and GAC GA4 (sedans), GAC GM8 (MPV), and the GAC GS8 and GAC GS4 (SUVs).

If you are looking for comfortable city travelling and occasional highway excitement, the GS3 crossover will be the best for you. On the other hand, adventure and off-road enthusiasts would love the GS8 and GS4 sedans. The Carmudi website has a listing of all the GAC cars available in the Philippines.

GAC SUV for Sale

The SUVs from GAC offer the right thrill for adventure seekers. But all cars have their advantages and disadvantages and GAC SUVs are no different. As a conscious buyer you should know about these before you go ahead to buy an SUV.

The SUV range of GAC in the Philippines comprises the GS8 and GS4.

Advantages and Disadvantages of GAC SUV cars Philippines

GAC SUV Advantages

  • Suitable for all roads: GAC SUVs can be driven on all types of roads. Negotiating bumps and potholes are easy with a GAC SUV. This is aided by the higher ground clearance.
  • Large cabin: GAC SUVs are spacious and passengers can travel in comfort for long hours. The cabin is airy and there’s ample legroom and headroom in GAC SUVs.
  • Powerful engine: GAC SUVs are hauled by powerful engines that travel long distances without a break. Power delivery is constant with good acceleration.

GAC SUV Disadvantages

  • Dimensions: While the cabin of a GAC SUV is spacious, its dimensions make the car less maneuverable within the city. Handling a big car could be an issue.
  • Expensive: Being the owner of a SUV is more expensive on all fronts. Besides the high fuel consumption, SUVs typically have higher maintenance expenses.

New GAC SUV Models at Carmudi

GAC MPV for Sale

MPVs are family haulers. Most MPVs accommodate up to seven passengers and still have enough space to carry cargo. MPVs are also great intra-city performers. People with a growing family or those looking for a practical car often prefer MPVs.

GAC sells the GM8 MPV in the Philippines.

Advantages and Disadvantages of GAC MPV Cars Philippines

GAC MPV Advantages

  • Affordable: MPVs are more affordable than SUVs. While both types of cars can carry 7-8 passengers, MPVs are more on the utilitarian side. SUVs with powerful engines are very expensive.
  • Flexible cargo area: MPVs have enough cargo area to carry all the luggage of all passengers. The 3rd row of seats can be folded down if you need more space to carry your cargo.

GAC MPV Disadvantages

  • Crammed last row: While MPVs are technically 7-seater cars, the 3rd row is usually suitable only for children. Taller adults often find the 3rd row lacking in legroom and headroom.
  • Underpowered engine: Many MPVs are hauled by underpowered engines, in a bid to keep the car’s price low. An MPV, when fully loaded, will lack the punch during a highway cruise.

Used and New MPV Models at Carmudi

GAC Sedan for Sale

Sedans are a popular choice among people who want more comfort from daily commuting. These days sedans are available under a variety of cross-sections, right from the subcompact to the full-sized.

GAC currently offers the GA8 and GA4 sedans in the Philippines market.

Advantages and Disadvantages of GAC Sedan Cars Philippines

GAC sedan Advantages

  • Easy for all: Sedans have a low ground clearance and easy doors. This makes sedans an easy car to enter and exit for all passengers, particularly senior citizens.
  • Fuel efficient: Sedans offer a better fuel economy than SUVs and MPVs. Many of the latest sedans come with hybrid engines to further reduce the running costs.

GAC Sedan Disadvantages

  • Lack styling: Most sedans have a typical look, and unlike SUVs, aren’t much sporty and stylish. If style is on your mind, sedans won’t be a good choice.
  • Low ground clearance: Since sedans have a low ground clearance, the undercarriage is more prone to damages from bumpy and potholed roads. The suspension system of sedans is not as strong as SUVs.

New GAC Sedan Models at Carmudi

GAC Crossovers for Sale

Crossovers offer the best of both worlds from hatchbacks and SUVs. Crossovers provide a better ride quality because they are lighter but offer more space like SUVs. Crossovers have become very popular in recent years.

GAC sells the GS3 crossover in the Philippines market.

Advantages and Disadvantages of GAC Crossover Cars Philippines

GAC Crossover Advantages

  • Improved visibility: Crossovers offer better visibility to drivers because of the higher ground clearance. Drivers get a commanding view of the road, almost comparable to SUVs.
  • Better space: Crossovers have better space than hatchbacks. Some crossovers can even carry seven passengers

GAC Crossover Disadvantages

  • Not much features: Crossovers are affordably priced and hence lack the features of an MPV or an SUV.
  • Less safety: The safety features of a crossover are sometimes less than an SUV or MPV to keep the price of the car affordable.

New GAC Crossover Models at Carmudi

GAC Cars for Sale in Philippines Price List

GAC Cars for Sale in Philippines Price List start at ₱338,000 for the inexpensive model GAC GA4 for Sale and goes up to ₱2.958 Million for the most expensive Car model GAC GN8.

Model Price List
GAC GA4 ₱858,000
GAC GN8 ₱1.988 - 2.958 Million
GAC GS3 ₱888,000 - 1.058 Million
GAC GS4 ₱1.098 Million
GAC GS8 ₱1.78 - 2.288 Million
GAC GN6 ₱1.35 Million

Upcoming GAC Cars

Expected GAC cars launch in Philippines include GAC EMPOW 55

GAC Model Expected Launch Date
GAC EMPOW 55 4, Apr 2023

Second Hand GAC Cars for Sale in Philippines Price List

Used Cars in Philippines Starts at ₱338,000 for model and goes upto ₱338,000 for model GAC GA4 for Sale.

GAC Model Price List
GAC GA4 for Sale Starts @ ₱338,000 *
GAC GS4 for Sale Starts @ ₱1.025 Million*
GAC GS8 for Sale Starts @ ₱1.378 Million*

GAC Dealers

There are 1 authorized GAC cars dealers across 1 cities in the Philippines.

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