3 Reasons Why You Should Keep Your Car's Lights Working Properly

Driving in the Philippines' urban jungle is a difficult task. You need to be aware and ready for anything and the unexpected—motorcycles might suddenly pop in front of you, cars may cut into your lane, and trucks or buses may box you out. From all the mentioned road scenarios, one of the dumbest and most awful thing to encounter along the road is a car that has faulty taillights or headlights. In addition to this, it is annoying to get behind the car that has blinking taillights--EDSA is not a disco bar and blinking taillights are not allowed by law. Your car's lights are there for a reason--to keep you and other motorists safe while on the road. As such, here are three reasons why you should keep your car's lights working properly.

Lights inform other motorists

Your car's lights are there to inform other motorists in regards to your intention. Are you going to turn left or right? Are you reducing your car's speed? Your car's lights will tell other motorists as to what you're about to do next. Road accidents can be prevented if all motorists are courteous drivers and if all are smartly using the car's lights.

Lights improve visibility

Your car's headlights play a major role in making you visible on the road, especially at night and when it's raining. Don't drive at night if one of your car's headlights isn't working. Yes, we're all busy to find time to replace a headlight or taillight but, that's one of the responsibilities of a car owner. Never live under the famous negative Filipino mantra of pwede pa 'yan/pwede na 'yan (that will do). Moreover, your car's headlights and taillights will help increase visibility when you're driving under a sudden downpour. However, don't put the headlights in high beam as the light will reflect back to you and hinder your sight. Of note, don't use your car's hazard lights when its raining--you're smarter than that.

Lights make your drive safer

Obviously, your car's lights allows you to have a safer drive. As said earlier, it gives you better visibility while you're driving on the road and it also informs other motorists about your intentions. It is an open secret that your car's lights are there to keep you safe on the road. After all, early automotive engineers wouldn't think of developing a headlight if they didn't see its importance.

Your car's lights play a major role in ensuring your safety while driving on the road. Don't take it for granted and always make sure that you have a complete set of eyes or lights before you travel. This thing of checking your car's lights might be trivial for some but, checking it regularly will help keep you and other motorists safe on the road.

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