5 Aftermarket Car Accessories That Can be Dangerous on the Road

There are some aftermarket car accessories that can work wonders for your vehicle. However, there are those that can actually do more harm to your vehicle than good. And while we dig that they can make your car stand out and look uber cool, they're not really worth it--especially if you don't take the time to learn more about their pros and cons--and how to properly install them.

Here are the top six aftermarket accessories that you should think thrice before you do it to your vehicle:

Huge, Over-sized Tires

It's not a problem to change your tire by a couple of millimeters--the problem here starts if you decide to go all-out and make them humongous. Remember that your car's tires are designed to work ideally with your vehicle's suspension, brakes, and even its entire structure. Making them extremely large can significantly affect your car's performance, since it can increase their rolling resistance on the road. What's more, their huge mass takes a huge pressure on the ball bearings, which decrease their life span prematurely.

Body Kits

Body kits can really make your car look great--if they're done right and your environment supports these modifications. These kits are designed to lower your vehicle's ground clearance, which may not only damage your vehicles's undercarriage, but also affect its performance.

Still, even when done right, they can still be dangerous if the road you normally drive in is filled with ramps, humps, and deep pits on the road. They can easily damage your vehicle if you're not careful.

Steering Cover

Steering covers are dangerous? Yes--that harmless steering cover can be dangerous when not fitted correctly. These things are actually very helpful--if they fit the wheel perfectly and are virtually slip-proof  and secure at all times. Now, the problem here lies when you buy ill-fitting, aftermarket steering covers. They can be dangerous, especially if they suddenly slip on your hands while turning (and you then lose control).

Tuning Boxes

Tuning boxes are okay--if you have a spare car with an engine that you're ready to dispose of (soon). Their software allows the car's injectors to spray more fuel into the engine to create more power and torque, but they can also add tremendous pressure to the engines because they are not designed to handle the intense power and energy boost.

Bull Bars

Bull bars are those things you find on the nose of a vehicle. They are designed to protect your vehicle in case of a head-to-rear collision accident.

And while they can certainly protect your car's vehicle during its initial impact, bull bars can prove detrimental once the first impact occurs, since it will transfer the intense force on the monocoque and sub-frame of the vehicle, making the impact more intense. What's more, bull bars can delay airbags from deflating in time, which can be dangerous in the event of a sudden collision.


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