AFTERMARKET: Here's an App to Stop You from Using Your Phone while Driving

AFTERMARKET: Here's an App to Stop You from Using Your Phone while Driving

Admit it--you love your phone. So much so you're willing to die for it right? Of course, you might vehemently disagree with us and say you would never do that, but you actually do this whenever you use your hands to call or send a text message.

One good way to prevent this from happening is to use SafeDrivePod. This award-winning app for fleets can also be used by car owners, and is a highly-effective tool in shutting down all your phone's apps while you're driving. This prevents you from using your phone while you're on the road.

How Does It Work?

SafeDrivePod works using a three-punch combo:

First, it's mounted in the vehicle, and then sends out a wireless radio signal to tell that the vehicle is driving.

Second, an app shuts off, preventing you from accessing all the apps in your mobile phone. Still, you are given the option of making a hands-free call and using your navigation apps.

Third, if your vehicle is part of a larger fleet, then your manager will be informed about how you used the SafeDrivePod.


It's easy to install it. Just purchase one on their site, and register on the SafeDrivePod app by downloading it on your smartphone. Place the pods in your car, and that's it--no need for an IT expert to tinker around the system to make it work properly.

You can learn more about SafeDrivePod by clicking this site.

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