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AFTERMARKET: MA-FRA Odorbact Out Air Conditioner Sanitiser

Air conditioners produce moist environments conducive to certain types of bacteria, which can lead to nasty cabin odors and conditions that can potentially affect health. With MA-FRA OdorBact Out, car owners now have a practical and efficient way to get rid of these harmful microorganisms along with the unhealthy odors that they produce.

MA-FRA OdorBact Out is an easy-to-use product that treats your car’s air conditioning system and gets rid of harmful bacteria. Simply place in your car, turn the AC on, press on the spray valve to distribute the product, and leave both the AC and canister running for few minutes to circulate and voila, all the bacteria, germs and fungi that have called your AC system home have now been evacuated completely, never to return again.

MA-FRA Odorbact Out Air Conditioner Sanitiser is an Italian-made product that contains active ingredients known to kill unwanted biological agents that tend to accumulate in an AC system. These microorganisms grow and multiply at a rapid pace, and when left unchecked, they not only produce bad odors, they can also cause illnesses such as diarrhea and gastroenteritis when inhaled.

Keep your AC system clean and safe MA-FRA Odorbact Out, available at better aftermarket stores everywhere. You can also order this product online at

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