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AFTERMARKET: Protect Your Car from Intense Rain and Heat with Chemical Guys’ Sealant

There seems to be a bit of confusion when it comes to a wax and a sealant. And while both of them can add shine and protect your vehicle, they’re really not the same, mainly because of what they’re made from.

Car Wax vs. Car Sealant

Car Wax

A car wax is made (mostly) from natural wax. One of the most common ones used is Carnauba wax that’s taken from plant leaves. This natural wax is often blended together with other ingredients to create a car wax.

One advantage that a car wax has over a sealant is the immense depth and shine they create on the surface.

Its disadvantage, however, is that its shine doesn’t last long–only around six to eight weeks, tops.

Car Sealants

Car Sealants, on the other hand, are fully synthetic. Made from polymers that improve its performance, they include ingredients that use advanced chemistry to help seal the top coat of your vehicle so it’s protected from intense rain and heat.

One advantage that car sealants have is that they can maintain your car’s shine far longer than any car wax can–around three to eight times longer. Extremely durable, they also do a better job in protecting your car’s surface from harsh elements like UV rays and acid rains. Its silicon polymers are uniquely formulated to bond with your car’s paint surfaces, helping it repel water, dirt, and other contaminants.

Its disadvantage, however, is that it doesn’t create that high “wet” shine that car waxes are known for.

Get the Best of Both Worlds: Chemical Guys Extreme Top Coat Sealant

Now, what if you combine the high, natural shine of a car wax with the durability and extreme protection of a full-synthetic car sealant? The result is the Chemical Guys’ Extreme Top Coat Sealant.

Made with “detergent resistant polymers and fluorocarbon resins combined together with Grade A Brazilian ivory carnauba and natural oils,” you get both the benefits of a car wax and a coat sealant in one. Its durable formula can protect your vehicle for up to a eight months to a full year.


Extreme Top Coat works like a sun block or a rain coat to protect your vehicle’s paint. The added shine, however, is a welcome treat. Here’s how to apply it in your vehicle:

Step1: Just squeeze one to three lines of Extreme Top-Coat onto a premium foam or microfiber applicator pad and spread it thinly over painted panels in an even coat.

Step 2: Extreme Top-Coat will bond with the clean paint surfaces within 15 minutes.

Step 3: Buff off the residue left with a premium soft microfiber towel.

Step 4: Once it’s wiped off, allow 20 minutes cure time and apply a second layer to ensure even coverage. The more applications you make, the shinier the surface becomes.

The Chemical Guys’ Extreme Top Coat helps make your vehicle very shiny while providing extreme protection at the same time. It’s the best of both worlds that’s definitely worth checking out. Try it and let us know what you think.

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