Bentley, Naim tap Steve Mazzaro for bespoke soundtrack


In a recent press release, Bentley revealed that it is collaborating with audio partner Naim and Hollywood music industry veteran Steve Mazzaro to create a bespoke soundtrack to showcase the exceptional abilities of Bentley’s in-car sound system.


  • Who did Bentley commission to create the soundtrack?

    Bentley commissioned Steve Mazzaro.
  • Where will the soundtrack be used?

    The soundtrack will be used in showrooms, and will also be loaded into Bentley press cars around the globe.
  • “We know that music is a passion of many of our customers – indeed, the Bentley x Naim sound system is specified on almost 40 percent of customer orders. It’s been a great pleasure to work with Steve Mazzaro to craft a piece of music to really demonstrate the prowess of the system. His talent, experience, and incredible artistry have been inspirational to us. While the finished piece sounds amazing however you hear it, to truly appreciate every element of it you have to hear it in a Naim-equipped Bentley, where it’s unlike any in-car music experience I’ve ever had,” said Bentley Member of the Board for Sales, Marketing, and After-sales Alain Favey.


    Bentley’s superior Naim audio system makes the Flying Spur the perfect concert hall. It boasts a 2,200-watt amplifier that drives a total of 19 speakers inside the cabin with two kinaesthetic shakers in the front seats. Together, this setup offers both the power and the frequency range to make any music sound exceptional. And when the track has been designed specifically to match the system, the result, according to Bentley, is truly extraordinary.

    Steve Mazzaro’s works include musical scores for movies like No Time to Die and Dune. Bentley commissioned the legendary composer to craft a piece of music that would demonstrate the power, clarity, and richness of the Naim system while also reflecting a musical interpretation of Bentley’s design philosophy — being inspiring, harmonious, and potent.

    “To me, Bentley represents elegance and class but also power, speed, and mechanical complexity. So for this piece I used guitars, plus powerful, heavy low synths and very technical drums combined with intricate hand percussion. As with the workings of a car, you don’t see them, but you know they’re there, working in the background. I wanted to take the listener on a journey, with the essence of a film to be in a listener’s subconscious mind, so there’s flow to this piece — starting a specific way and then leading the person somewhere,” said Mazzaro.

    He added, “for the opening, I wanted everything to be done with smaller instruments, but be powerful, organic, and kinetic. I then introduce this big, cinematic orchestra, before ending with an orchestral, electronic, explosive culmination. I really wanted to push the power of the Naim audio system and see what it was capable of, so this also became more of a technical endeavor. There are so many speakers, I wanted to try lots of panning effects, bouncing the sound from left to right. This is a score for the driver’s seat.”


    The finished track is titled “The Extraordinary Journey” and will be distributed to Bentley’s global retailer network for use in showrooms, and will also be loaded into Bentley press cars around the globe.

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