Bentley to start production of Bentayga EWB

bentayga ewb handscraftsmanship

Bentley has revealed that the team of skilled craftspeople responsible for producing Bentley’s latest models achieved the sign-off required to begin production of the Bentayga Extended Wheelbase (WWB) last week.


  • When will the Bentley Bentayga EWB make its debut?

    According to Bentley, the Bentayga EWB will make its debut at the 2022 Southampton Boat Show between September 16 to 25.
  • What are the three features to be expected in the Bentayga EWB?

    Bentley reveals that the Bentayga EWB will feature lofted quilting, intricate veneer and metal overlays, and the Bentley Diamond Illumination.
  • According to Bentley, the new Bentayga model will take over 132 hours to build by hand at the marque’s carbon-neutral luxury automotive factory in Crewe, England. When finished, it will showcase world-class luxury and technological innovation, as well as demonstrate new heights of craftsmanship and comfort.

    One of the features of the upcoming Bentayga EWB is its diamond quilting. Bentley shares that it will be created for the grand tourer through the use of a combination of digital craftsmanship and precision technology.

    Bentley will use a perforating machine to punch holes in the leather while a specialized embroidery machine will stitch the diamonds in the interior trim.

    “Within each diamond, the flawless leather is perforated with holes of less than (one millimeter in) diameter. Each hole has been digitally positioned with precision by one of Bentley’s interior designers to achieve a cohesive overall design — the ‘digital-crafting’ process,” Bentley said in a press release.

    bentayga ewb handscraftsmanship 2

    To achieve a softer panel, Bentley shares that a finer thread (usually found in Bentley’s embroidered logos) and a smaller micro-stitch (half the length of a standard Bentley stitch) will be used. This change of thread and innovation in the manufacturing process has created a more accentuated, softly lofted quilting, in a way Bentley has never done before in production.

    Another feature involved in the hand-crafting process for the Bentayga EWB is its wooden dashboard.

    Bentley said that the wood set in each Bentayga EWB takes over 10 hours to create. These wooden dashboards will see the first use of the metal overlay in veneer feature in series production for the class-leading SUV.

    These intricate veneer and metal overlays can optionally be added to the passenger’s fascia panel and on all four doors of the Bentayga EWB.

    “To create the inlay designs, a process called photo-etching is used. A very fine stencil of the design is laminated to the metal. After some intermediate steps of UV light exposure and developing of the laminate, the main process chemically etches away areas of metal not required, leaving only the inlay design,” Bentley said. “Each badge is then bonded by hand in a precise location on the surface of the veneer before the part is lacquered and polished.”

    bentayga ewb handscraftsmanship 1

    Furthermore, the Bentley Bentayga EWB will offer a unique interior ambience with Bentley’s Diamond Illumination. The illumination effect is achieved using a total of 68 LEDs that emit light through small perforations in the leather trim on the door panels.

    The intensity and color of the illumination through the trim can be controlled by the customer through the infotainment system and Touch Screen Remote. The feature is linked with the mood lighting to ensure consistent color and intensity of light throughout the car.

    The new Bentayga EWB will make its UK public debut at this year’s Southampton Boat Show between September 16 to 25.

    Photos from Bentley

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