Do you ‘baby’ your Vespa?

Nina Sotto's Vespa Primavera Pic Nic

Many treat Italian products as, well, royalty. Take the case of the Vespa. Some owners would rarely use theirs, trying to keep them as immaculate as possible — moreso when theirs is a limited edition. We cannot be blame them though, considering that it is not usual to be seeing them on Philippine roads. Vespas are also more expensive than the average two-wheeler.

However, such is not the case for Wahoo and Nina Sotto as the couple believes that motorcycles are to be utilized as they should be — daily if possible. These two share the belief that just like any material possession, their Vespa Primavera Pic Nic 150 should serve its purpose. It should be enjoyed just like any scooter.

In an interview, Nina said they started to use their limited-edition scooter to run for errands such as picking up groceries to the market. This scooter, which was launched this year, is powered by a Euro 3-rated Piaggo I-get single-cylinder four-stroke air-cooled engine that can generate up to 12.9hp and 12.8Nm of pulling power.

Nina-Sotto onboard her Vespa Primavera Pic Nic

Nina cited the benefits of using a motorcycle during these times.

“Aside from my usual reasons like parking challenges, heavy traffic, travel time, what makes us use the motorcycle more is also the ‘air safety’ a motorcycle presents, since it is very risky, nowadays sharing air space with another person. The motorcycle is really the more logical choice for us,” she explained.

 A competitive mountain bike trail rider, Nina said that she immediately adjusted to the riding dynamics in the Italian scooter.

“The discipline is mainly the same: handling and balance. There are differences like the brake placement (right side front brakes opposite for the MTB) Braking, turning and, of course, other vehicles on the road, which are non-existent in the trails. But basically, I was able to adjust right away,” Nina added.

Wahoo expressed confidence in its other safety features such as ABS for that assured braking power when needed. “Plus, it comes in a teal shade (which Vespa calls Relaxed Green), and is a big bonus because it is my wife's favorite color,” he added.

Wahoo said that they bought the Primavera Pic Nic primarily for Nina as it boasts both usability and style.  He cited that the apart from going around their neighborhood, they are using it to spend some time outdoors.

“I chose this Vespa variant for my wife for its features. It comes complete with accessories like the rattan basket for a box — which is a win for her. That basket has provisions for plates and cutleries, and an insulated cooler. It also has front and rear carriers, a picnic mat, a water bottle, and a tote. Ika nga, perfect for people who love the outdoors. We love going on road trips to bond and spend time together. Also, she really doesn't like taking the car with her when she goes around Parañaque. She doesn't like the hassle of parking the car, so she'd rather take the trike. Kaya this scooter is really perfect for her,” Wahoo explained.

While many owners of this make and model would try to use it rarely, thinking of the resale price a few years from now, they opt to use it frequently as they believe in its reliability. “The brand itself screams reliability, sayang not to put it to work. Plus we live in BF Homes, which is perfect to use to go around to run errands with,” he noted.

Nina Sotto on the Vespa Primavera Pic Nic while doing rounds in Paranaque

Is the Vespa Primavera Pic Nic worth its ₱228,000 price tag? Nina has this reply.

“You cannot put a price tag on durability and reliability. It has earned a good name for a reason: Many trust the brand. Also, no matter the price, as long as you use it every day, it's okay. Even if you get something affordable but don't use it, it becomes expensive and a waste,” Nina noted.

With all the bells and whistles that this scooter has, and using it for all the reasons to ride (mainly for utility purposes), we believe that they are getting their money’s worth on the recently acquired ride.

Photos from Nina Sotto

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