GT Auto: Not your ordinary second-hand car dealer


When we hear the term “second-hand car,” we often picture decade-old sedans and passenger vehicles. Used-car models like the Toyota Vios, the Mirage G4, and the Hyundai Accent are just some of the typical vehicles you’ll see on a regular second-hand car dealership.

But if you’re looking for pre-owned cars that are a cut above the rest, we know a place that sells only the best.


GT Auto, a second-hand car dealership located at Ortigas Avenue in Pasig, has some of the best pre-loved luxury cars on the market. We’re talking about Audis, Volvos, and Chedengs.

When Carmudi Philippines asked owner Mark Ngo what he looks for in second-hand vehicles, he answered, “Number one is the engine condition.”

He explains that he ensures the vehicle was not involved in a major accident as it could cause a problem with the engine.

“Minor dents and scratches are not an issue for us,” he adds.

GT Auto is one of Carmudi’s newest partners. It offers a selection of high-end second-hand units such as the 2014 Porsche 991, the 2015 Mercedes-Benz S-Class, the 2009 Volvo XC60, and the 2018 Audi A1 Sportback.


Having full confidence in the quality and reliability of the cars in his second-hand car dealership, Ngo encourages used prestige car buyers to “bring your trusted mechanic and test drive the vehicle and observe any unusual sounds or problem in the engine when driving the car.”

And when we asked if there are advantages if someone buys from GT Auto, Ngo replied with a confident “yes.”

“If someone buys from us even there is some same unit in another dealer, that is because they see that we are selling good quality used cars,” added Ngo.

Interested in buying your second-hand dream car? Check out GT Auto’s dealer profile today. 

Photos from GT Auto

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