Hauling hues: Color options for the Isuzu D-Max


The Isuzu D-Max is the Japanese automaker’s entry to the local midsize pickup truck segment where it competes with fellow staples like the Toyota Hilux, Nissan Navara, and the Mitsubishi Strada.

All nine variants of Isuzu’s hunky hauler are fitted with a three-liter, four-cylinder, Blue Power engine with turbo intercooler featuring semi-midship weight distribution. The diesel mill can be mated to either a six-speed manual transmission with reverse lock-out or a six-speed automatic tranny with sequential shift.

Isuzu d-max 2020

Its powertrain setup allows the Isuzu D-Max to generate a maximum power output of 187hp and 450Nm of torque.

The sheer power from under the hood is reflected on the D-Max’s exterior. The front grille can be had in either black or chrome and is flanked with two bi-LED headlamps on each side. A similar setup can be found at the rear with its newly designed taillamps with double LED lights.

Depending on the variant, the Isuzu D-Max can ride on either 17, 18, or 19-inch wheels.

The exterior layout is complemented by colors as dynamic as its variants. Ready to find out what hue best suits this hauler? Let’s check them out.

Valencia Orange

Orange has become more of a popular color nowadays especially in the MPV, SUV, pickup truck, and crossover segments.

Orange, such as this one, represents fun and enthusiasm. That said, this color makes the Isuzu D-Max a fun vehicle to drive. It also makes the D-Max easy to spot both on the road or in a parking lot full of pickup trucks.

Sapphire Blue

While blue is often a symbol of sadness and loneliness, in the motoring world, blue represents calm and composure. That said, this color befits drivers who have the same personality when sitting behind the wheel.

Red Spinel

Typically seen as a strong and passionate color, red represents impulse and one’s desire to stay ahead. The deep red hue on the Isuzu D-Max is symbolic of its capabilities to offer fun driving whether you’re on rough terrains or on paved roads.

Mercury Silver

The color of style and modernity, silver creates a contemporary aura for Isuzu’s compact pickup truck. It complements the modern interior amenities of the Isuzu D-Max like its 4.2-inch electroluminescent multi-informational instrument cluster and its 10.1-inch full touchscreen infotainment display.

This color is perfect for tech-savvy car owners looking for an advanced and capable pickup truck.

Galena Gray

This semi-achromatic hue represents maturity and stability. Owners of gray vehicles are comfortable in their own skin and do not feel the need to stand out. They believe in their own abilities and don’t require any means of self-assurance.

A gray Isuzu D-Max allows you to channel your quiet strength when you’re on the road.

Onyx Black

Powerful and dominant, a black D-Max demands respect both on and off-road. Drivers who like sticking their bumpers up your rear will think twice when seeing your pitch-black pickup.

On the other hand, a black finish will be hard to maintain. You’ll find yourself frequenting car wash places to keep your Onlyx Black D-Max clean and pristine.

Splash White

Although white often represents safety and purity, the achromatic color gets a different meaning in the D-Max palette.

Isuzu had a different take on the white hue and used it for utilitarian means. The Single Cab and LT trims of the compact truck come in white by default.


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